Grow Great Hair (5 oz)

Grow Great Hair (5 oz)

(with gingko biloba & arnica flower extract)

Grow Great Hair (5 oz)
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Description: Editor Choice

For Faster Hair Growth and Hair Loss Repair

Grow Great Hair stimulates faster, healthier hair growth by extending the growth stage of hair. Apply directly to the scalp twice daily, to stimulate blood flow, distribute nutrients to the hair follicle and detoxify scalp.

  • Restores hair and balances the scalp for optimum hair growth
  • Great for all types of hair loss
  • Contains Nettle, Red Clover, Arnica and natural glycerides to hydrate scalp and stimulate faster hair growth

Product Usage:

Apply directly to the scalp, twice daily, to stimulate hair growth and remedy hair loss.

Tips & Techniques:

• Massage gently into scalp with your fingertips to stimulate hair regrowth and detoxify scalp
• Ideal for all types of hair loss


Grow Great Hair (5 oz)
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Grow Great Hair (5 oz)
It's a Miracle 11/21/2013
By  Lynette
I had natural hair for 7 years and tried a hose of products, I then began dating a fellow 3 years ago, that want to see straight hair. So I did what I didnt want to do, I got a perm, we broke up in Dec 2012 and the next day I cut all the perm out of my hair to get back to me. The perm caused me to get a bald spot right in the crown of my head, and I stumbled across a Jane Carter Solution kit at the local Target, I began trying the product and loved the way it made my hair and scalp feel, but that bald spot was still there. Then my Target put out a new line by Jane that included the grow great hair producct....OMG, IT IS A MIRACLE EVERYONE IS COMMENTING not only on the fact that the bald spot is gone, but my hairline looks the way it did before I ever began getting perms in my teans. I never thought my weak sides would ever fill back in. I mean girlfriends are all saying what are you doing to your hair. I am sad because my Target, t! he Baltimore Metro West Target in Baltimore, Maryland
Grow Great Hair (5 oz)
Great Product, Bad Dispenser09/03/2013
By chavysmom
I bought this product a couple of months ago at Target. Back then, it was HALF the price it is now so I am not sure why the drastic price jump... very disappointing. With that said here are the pros: This product is refreshing, and used consistently has helped my scalp. I use it at the crown and around my naturally thin temples once or twice a day. It will not grow one's hair overnight, but it does create a good environment to optimize growth. Now, the dispenser I am not a fan of. It comes out as a foam and despite careful application, more of it would land on my hair than my scalp. At this price, I am not keen on wasting product. I unscrewed the top and poured the rest of the contents into an empty container that had a concentrator nozzle, and I was able to use the product a lot more efficiently. If not for the price and the dispenser, I would have given this 5 stars. Would I purchase again? Yes probably. But please change the dispenser to one with a concentrator nozzle.
Grow Great Hair (5 oz)
Re•store grow great hair03/17/2014
By Dora Chaplin
Even though it's only a couple of weeks I notice hair has grown in spots that were bald. I am so convinced that the product is doing what it says it will do; I recommended product to four(4) of my family members yesterday. Instead of pumping the product directly onto my scalp, I pump into a small dish and using my fingers apply directly to my scalp. To make the five minute massage pass quickly(in my mind)I count each Massage section(from front to back) twenty times. Before you know it the five minutes have passed. Having fun re growing my hair. One other thing, my twists when pulled apart are well defined. I attribute this to using JCS PRODUCTS. Thank you!!

Featured negative reviews:

Grow Great Hair (5 oz)
Restore - Not so sure10/20/2013
By Valerie Hopkins
Restore -gives great stimulation to the scalp that last several hours after the application is applied; however, the pump is not efficient in getting the product to scalp. There seems to be a break down with the mouse and the liquid combine staying as one product. Result are liquid portion dripping down your neck; not good. Also, the product is saturating the hair mostly instead of the scalp; which in my case disturbs the contour of my twist out. It causes shrinkage of the hair and having to apply more product to the hair (curl cream) to regain the twist formation. Great product for stimulating the scalp; saturating the hair; growing hair----I am not so sure. We would also love to have a "clean" scent for this product, similar to when you walk into an Aveda store.