Twist & Lock (6 oz)

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Twist & Lock (6 oz)

retwisting twists and locks

Twist & Lock (6 oz)
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Twist & Lock is designed for use on freshly twisted hair and in between salon visits. A great emollient, it increases moisture and shine to your hair and is terrific for scalp health.

You don't have to worry about residue, because there is no wax or petrolatum in this product - only all natural butters, vitamins and essential oils whipped into a super light-weight cream, which makes this product perfect for daily use on any natural hair style.

Product Usage:

1. Use Twist & Lock on wet hair for lock maintenance.

2. Can be used on your hair and your skin!

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Tips & Techniques:

Twist & Lock is fabulous for double strand twisting and twist outs.


Twist & Lock (6 oz)
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Twist & Lock (6 oz)
Love it for me 08/27/2013
By Paul H
This product is not for everyone. I use it for loc maintenance ONLY. If you're looking for a strong hold this is NOT the product for you. I like it because it's light and doesn't leave residue. It dissolves into the hair & smells awesome. Its also not for all textures of hair. To my fellow men of color, women also, if your hair is thick &/or coarse, I'd recommend the sculpt & hold to use along side it. U can mix it with that, if your main focus is hold. My hair is not coarse, so it takes to the product just fine to my liking. I hope this review helps. It's expensive for the amount of product you get, so know what you're looking to get out of it before you purchase. I DON'T do beeswax or gel. Those products take the life out of locs & damage the hair. I've been using this product for several years & NOOOOO build up or damage ever. The only con is that it doesn't hold long. Not an issue for me.
Twist & Lock (6 oz)
Very good 09/27/2015
By Nicole G
I have been growing my locks for over 10 years. many products have come and gone from the shelves so it is always difficult to find a product to use for my locks. This product is great for maintenance. I don't know if it has a hold strong enough to use if you are just starting with your locks. It does not leave a residue. It is not oily. It smells great. It doesn't have the stickiness that I'm used to in products that hold the touch ups longer, but it still works well. I apply the product to wet hair. I use it in conjunction with the Natural Hold Locking Spray also sold on this website. I made the mistake of buying the Twist & Lock product on Amazon when i first wanted to try it and I received a watery knock off. I Never made that mistake again!! I only buy it from this website to ensure that I get exactly what I pay for. Thank you for making a very good quality lock product!
Twist & Lock (6 oz)
Great Product08/27/2013
By Wishn
I have no complaints about this product. I have locs and I'm extremely cautious about what I put in my hair. As a naturalist and a minimalist, this is one of the only "products" I actually use. It smells great, makes my hair soft and moisturized, and the ingredients don't scare me away. No petrolatum, no waxes--and best of all, my first bottle of Twist and Lock lasted me over a year! If you have locs, though, apply this product sparingly and only when needed, as it could easily cause buildup through frequent usage.