Shine On Curl Elixir 6 oz.

Shine On Curl Elixir 6 oz.

Shine On Curl Elixir 6 oz.
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Why itís good for my curly hair

  • For Smoothing, Conditioning, Sealing In Moisture and adding instant shine to Curly Hair. This serum leaves hair feeling silky smooth, soft and shiny. Great as a Shampoo Prep for extra dry or damaged naturally curly hair. It seals in moisture, eliminates breakage and frizz and leaves hair with an amazing shine.
  • Enriched with Argan, Aloe Vera Gel, Macadamia Oil
  • For Super Curly & Coily Hair

To get the best results

  • For optimum moisture retention, apply a small amount of to rehydrate your hair.
  • Can also be applied to hair before shampooing for additional conditioning.


Shine On Curl Elixir 6 oz.
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Shine On Curl Elixir 6 oz.
Shiny and Not Oily
Jane Carter really understands the Wash and Go! I have been trying several methods and different combinations of Jane Carter Solution products, but could not achieve the wash and go look I wanted ‚Äď curl pattern intact, elongated and no frizz. All of my wash and go attempts looked like Jeri Curls or frizzy afros. I followed the process from one of the videos linked on the JCS site. I sectioned my hair and started with the Curl Drench Cleansing Wash, then the Un-Tangle Me Weightless Leave in Condition, then the Shine on Curl Elixir, and finally the Elongating Gel. I have finally a successful wash go. The hair is soft, bouncy, and does not look like a Jeri Curl or an afro!

The Shine on Curl Elixir was great. I had stopped using oil on my hair because it would just sit on my hair and be too oily. I tried this Elixir with the other Curls To Go products and my hair was shiny and not over oily.