Creamy Conditioning Cleanser 8 oz.

Creamy Conditioning Cleanser 8 oz.

(with jojoba oil & nettle extract)

Creamy Conditioning Cleanser 8 oz.
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Description: Editor Choice

Gently cleanses and infuses your hair with restorative essential oils

Great for daily use instead of shampoo. Rinses impurities from the hair, while distributing restorative essential oils like Jojoba and Henna.

  • Excellent for preventing hair color fading, leaves hair clean and conditioned
  • Doesnt strip hair of its natural oils, fabulous for co-washing
  • Excellent for chemically treated or natural hair

Product Usage:

1. Rinse hair with very warm water for 3-5 minutes
2. Apply a liberal amount of Cream Conditioning Cleanser to your roots and work to the ends with your fingers
3. Gently detangle with a paddle brush
4. Rinse
5. Style as usual

Tips & Techniques:

Gentle enough for chemically treated or natural hair and will help prevent color fade

Excellent for co-washing


Creamy Conditioning Cleanser 8 oz.
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Creamy Conditioning Cleanser 8 oz.
Best haircare product I've found
I am an African-American sister. My hair is very tightly coiled and grows in dense patterns. It can get extremely stiff, even stand up if I wear hats or lay my head down on a pillow. As a child it required so much heat and pressing to style that it hurt. Creamy Conditioning Cleanser is even better than I could have hoped for. I just rinse my hair (my hair texture is too fragile for regular shampoo/ conditioning) sometimes with plain water, at other times with pure honey or marshmallow root, then just apply CCC to my damp hair and let it sit, or dry it with a towel. The result is very soft, fluffy hair. Now combing feels gentle, like I am combing through a cloud :) It has a wonderful smell like a lush herb garden, and it locks in all the moisture. For me hair lotions usually moisturize at first, then become dry and brittle an hour later. But with this my hair stays this way all day and night, yet with no gummy residue. My hair is clean & soft. Everyone wants to borrow this from me!
Creamy Conditioning Cleanser 8 oz.
I purchased this and the twist and lock cream at Ricky's in NYC. I used it on vacation in LA after removing self installed Marley twists. At that time it did what I needed it to do. But most recently I realized this is a great conditioner. The consistency is watery but smooth. I have to use a lot since my hair is very kinky. I would like it to be thicker and come in a larger size. The smell is great along with th ingredients. For me the slip is minimal. The best part about this conditioner is its ability to actually clean the hair and still leave it hydrated. I've used As I Am- was ok, no real slip, not crazy about it. Kinky Curly shampoo I just tried and it cleansed my hair getting rid of the dirt from 2.5 weeks but left my hair very stripped. This product is great. I highly recommend it. The nourish n shine is good also but be sure to seal with a butter after using it as a styler over your leave-in conditioner.
Creamy Conditioning Cleanser 8 oz.
As of recently I've noticed a ton of fall out and my once silky hair has turned dry, breaks and tangles easily. Found this at Ulta (which they no longer carry it as of now so I have to order from other sites and miss out on all of ulta's great sales- irritating) and it has been an amazing transformation. My hair is not 100% back to the way it was, but this cleansing conditioner has helped so much and the more I use it the better it gets. It was nearly impossible to find a product similar to this without coconut oil, which I am allergic to, so thank you Jane for making this jojoba oil based. Please consider making this in a larger size!