"Would it be impossible to get 75,000 women to donate $1 to Shenelle?

With just $1 dollar...Given to one person with one dream to help one another...Just imagine the possibilities."

- Jane Carter

Shenelle Alleyne Fundraiser

Jane Carter , Vidawatee Sartorius & Linda Carter Invite you to be one of our angel donors

We ask that you help us in our efforts to make a difference in the life of a young woman today, together we can impact the lives of many women in the future.

Here's your chance to donate and make a difference:

Help us assist Shenelle Alleyne achieve her goal of raising $75,000 to fund her undergraduate education at Rutgers University. By donating just $1 dollar, you can make a difference in Shenelle Alleyne's life.

Why its important for women to help women:

  • Every woman matters.
  • In helping other women we create the energy of abundance and compassion within our society
  • It's important that women are not afraid to dream, for out of their dreams possibilities are born.
  • It's important that we do what we can to help empower women so that they can be successful
  • Without your donation an aspiring young woman will not have an opportunity to graduate from college