Incredible Curls (8 oz)

Incredible Curls (8 oz)

ultra light curl definer for curly, wavy and coily hair

Incredible Curls (8 oz)
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Description: Editor Choice

Great for fine hair that tends to get weighed down easily. Leaves your curls springy, bouncy and frizz free.
Apply to super wet detangled hair, and let air dry or dry with a diffusor.
Be sure not to disturb your curls as they are drying.

Product Usage:

1. Apply Incredible Curls to super wet detangled hair.

2. Air dry or use a diffusor.

3. Remember, don’t disturb your curls as they’re drying.

Tips & Techniques:

1. Incredible Curls is fantastic for fine hair that gets weighed down with heavier products.

2. Leaves your curls springy, bouncy, and frizz free.


Incredible Curls (8 oz)
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Incredible Curls (8 oz)
Pleasantly surprised01/05/2014
By Erlin
I just took the leap and became natural about a month ago after two years in braids. I went to a natural hair salon and my stylist used this product. I have 4c medium hair. Curly is not how I would define my hair. She used this product to twist my hair. No blow drying. My twists were springy and coily. She used curlers to add length to my twists. The style was very cute and flattering. I never thought i'd be able to use the coiliness of my hair. Also, as a new natural learning how much product to use was a challenge. I did not get problematic product build up with these products. I also work out anywhere for 4 to six hours a week and am usually a sweaty mess. This product or any of the JC products did not cause me any problems. I would air dry my hair, mist my hair with water mixed with a jojoba, glycerin and sweet almond and then re-moisturize the twists and put in curlers to re-set my hair. During the holiday sales I bought quite a few products and I have been very pleased
Incredible Curls (8 oz)
Great Product!10/12/2013
By Nikki
I have fine 3C/4A hair that's easily weighed down by gels. I was looking for a hair cream so I recently purchased this product and fell in love! This product does exactly what it says. The pros: the product elongates, has a light hold, a light shine, and leaves hair defined without the crunchy/ramen noodle look. The con (for my hair): I need a little more moisture, so I had to pair it with a leave-in conditioner (which I usually do with most products) and it was awesome. When I used the product by itself, the hair felt a little dry by day 3, so using a leave-in alleviated that issue. I haven't seen many youtube video reviews for the Incredible Curls, but I'm happy I stepped out and tried the product. It's definitely a staple for me! I hope she never stops making this product!!!!
Incredible Curls (8 oz)
Do not hesitate to try!10/21/2014
By Ashley
I am biracial (Caucasian and African-American) my hair type is silky, soft, thick, frizzy with tight kinky curls. This product eliminated the frizz completely, it defined my curls, added softness, no greasy feel to it. My hair doesn't need much oil or added moisture to it (my hair type is yaki like in texture so heavy oils will leave it stiff and heavy). My only problem now is keeping my hands out of my hair, I constantly find myself touching my hair all day. I've been using Jane Carter Solution products for about a year now. My hair is completely damage free, fuller, and longer. I often get asked by my hair dresser what products I am using.

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Incredible Curls (8 oz)
By Annye Refoe
I'd love to tell you what I think of this product. The problem is that it is Dec. 11, and I have not yet received this product. Even you thought I'd had time to review it. Strange, hmmmm