Quench (8 oz)

Quench (8 oz)

(with rosemary & sage)

Quench (8 oz)
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Description: Editor Choice

Daily hydrator restores and seals in moisture, reactivates curls & detangles

Ideal for daily use, this water-based leave in conditioner, made with Soy Protein and panthenol strengthens hair and adds moisture.

  • Great style refresher, tames frizz, puts bounce back into curls
  • Can be used as a de-tangler and heat protector when flat ironing or blow-drying

Product Usage:

Use as needed for detangling and heat-protection.

Tips & Techniques:

Use as a refresher for braids, locks and other protective styles.


Quench (8 oz)
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Quench (8 oz)
Best Hair Refresher Spray Hands Down02/25/2014
By Monica
My attraction to this product was the bottle design. Finally, someone gets that for liquid sprays the pump with a handle is so much better than the finger pump bottles. The design improves wider spray coverage as opposed to coming out in a single stream. Also, it's more comfortable for thick, longer hair that needs more product and longer spray time. Sounds simple, but I really appreciate the design of this bottle for helping my fingers avoid cramps! To the product itself, just awesome. Use this to refresh hair daily for a quick moisture boost. Good for a quick detangling job on dry hair. Great for keeping twist and braid styles moisturized. Also great as a base to layer other JCS styling products over. Good for all hair types. Who doesn't need moisture? On days I don't want to completely wet my hair, I will use this product to dampen my hair enough to reactivate product and curls. Definitely a must buy!
Quench (8 oz)
SO good!!!!!!12/12/2014
By Kaitlin Danca Galli
I'm getting older and living a more stressful life, so my hair-which was always thick and long, (I'm a redhead), has dulled and thinned out like crazy. I have bought now 12 bottles of the quench and have started using the cleansing cream this week, my hair has never felt this soft, and it's thick again! My only complaint is that they don't make larger bottles. My stylist even asked me what I use and wrote down the product names; I am extremely impressed with both of these and the ingredients speak for themselves. I wish everyone would try this stuff for a week instead of buying namebrand crappola.
Quench (8 oz)
Love the products!!01/12/2014
I have been a Jane Carter customer since going natural 3 years ago. Last year, I decided to get Sisterlocks and have continued to use Jane Carter's nourishing products to keep my locks looking healthy. I use Quench (8 oz), Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo SLS-Free (8 oz), and Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz). These products work great for me; however, I recommend consulting with a Sisterlock consultant due to varying natural hair textures. Thank you Jane Carter!!