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Quench (8 oz)

Quench (8 oz)

(with rosemary & sage)

Quench (8 oz)
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Description: Editor Choice

Daily hydrator restores and seals in moisture, reactivates curls & detangles

Ideal for daily use, this water-based leave in conditioner, made with Soy Protein and panthenol strengthens hair and adds moisture.

  • Great style refresher, tames frizz, puts bounce back into curls
  • Can be used as a de-tangler and heat protector when flat ironing or blow-drying

Product Usage:

Use as needed for detangling and heat-protection.

Tips & Techniques:

Use as a refresher for braids, locks and other protective styles.


Quench (8 oz)
Average rating:
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Quench (8 oz)
Best Hair Refresher Spray Hands Down02/25/2014
By Monica
My attraction to this product was the bottle design. Finally, someone gets that for liquid sprays the pump with a handle is so much better than the finger pump bottles. The design improves wider spray coverage as opposed to coming out in a single stream. Also, it's more comfortable for thick, longer hair that needs more product and longer spray time. Sounds simple, but I really appreciate the design of this bottle for helping my fingers avoid cramps! To the product itself, just awesome. Use this to refresh hair daily for a quick moisture boost. Good for a quick detangling job on dry hair. Great for keeping twist and braid styles moisturized. Also great as a base to layer other JCS styling products over. Good for all hair types. Who doesn't need moisture? On days I don't want to completely wet my hair, I will use this product to dampen my hair enough to reactivate product and curls. Definitely a must buy!
Quench (8 oz)
Love the products!!01/12/2014
I have been a Jane Carter customer since going natural 3 years ago. Last year, I decided to get Sisterlocks and have continued to use Jane Carter's nourishing products to keep my locks looking healthy. I use Quench (8 oz), Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo SLS-Free (8 oz), and Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz). These products work great for me; however, I recommend consulting with a Sisterlock consultant due to varying natural hair textures. Thank you Jane Carter!!
Quench (8 oz)
good for daily moisture11/05/2014
By Monica Corlew
This product is sooo much better than Revitalizing Leave In which I tried several times to make work for me, but I just could not get the moisture it claims to give. This product functions much better as a daily hydrating. I spray my hair in the morning and night before bed. Good for detangling, especially on dry hair. Great for keeping twisted styles moisturized.