Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother (8 oz)

Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother (8 oz)

(with shea butter and mango butter)

Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother (8 oz)
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Description: Editor Choice

For transitioning styling to smooth cuticle & heat protect hair

Works especially well on curly or coily hair. Use Ultra Creamy Leave In Styling Smoother for all wash and wear styles to smooth your cuticle, tame frizz and create soft shiny hair. Use for double strand twists, and all wash and wear styles for curl definition.

  • Perfect blend of butters and plant botanicals that nourish, add moisture, and seal the cuticle
  • Excellent results when combined with Twist Out Foam
  • Great heat protectant for blow drying transitioning hair

Product Usage:

Apply ultra Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother to smooth cuticle; create shine and tame frizzies.

Tips & Techniques:

Wonderful for styling double-strand twists and curl definition
Henna, Rosemary and Nettle extracts provide added shine


Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother (8 oz)
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Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother (8 oz)
You have to try this...wonderful!
I have long relaxed hair and 90% of the time I wash and wear it...that being said I enjoy using you products. My young daughter hair is natural, so I use the products on her hair too (long, healthy and easy to manage). I wanted to try your new line of products and so far my favorite is the "creamy leave in styling smoother". I workout a lot, so my ends can become very dry...after washing with the "Restore creamy conditioning cleanser", I put the smoother on my hair (concentrating on my ends) and the next day my hair was manageable, soft, silky-smooth and the ends were amazing (no frizz or breakage)! The smoother and the nourish & shine are great for beautiful and heathy relaxed hair- my favorite so far:) I can't wait to try the Restore Grow product (sold out @Target). Thanks Jane.
Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother (8 oz)
Hello Jane, I am a first time user. I did my hair and my mother's this weekend past. AWESOME!!! The look, smell and feel of our hairs was priceless. I saved money by buying your product and doing my hair myself. For years I've been called a "product junkie" by family and friends. My hair has fallen in-love for the first time!!! I am throwing away all those products under my bathroom sink and strickly using "JANE CARTER". THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! for caring enough about our hair to create such a God sent product and for caring about the not so deep pockets many of us have. May God continue to bless you and company!!! Take Care
Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother (8 oz)
Best conditioner ever
I have short thick no curl pattern hair.
I washed my hair conditioned and then used this product with the wrap and roll.
I did two strand twist sat under the dryer for ten minutes and let my hair air dry over night.
The next Morning I unrolled and unbelievable shiny smooth curls were born.
I even got compliments from two people. I don't even get compliments when I go my hair stylist.
I am a true advertiser of this product and all of the other Jane Carter line.