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Jane Carter

Jane Carter - Founder / CEO & Sole formulator

Jane Carter has been a professional hair stylist/colorist and salon owner for over 20 years. Coming from a family of innovators, Jane Carter has become the driving force for a brand that exemplifies a purpose, a cause and a solution.

Life experience contributed to the woman Jane has become, the woman who has spent over 20 years representing and creating a voice for women. Suffering family losses due to segregation and racism, her personal life and business model caters to diversity. Being one of the first African American students admitted into a white elementary school, at just six years old, Jane witnessed community and racial uproars. She was genetically wired to fight for the underdog, seeking solutions was a steadfast attribute Jane credits to having been passed down by her family.

Jane founded the Jane Carter Solution over a decade ago, after an allergic reaction caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals in traditional hair care products. Frustrated with the lack of chemical free product choices, Jane decided to formulate her own hair care line using plant-derived ingredients, specifically designed for all hair types and textures.

Jane’s years of hands-on experience have made her a respected expert in the field. A strong woman, a mother, and dedicated business mogul, she has become the DNA of Jane Carter Solution – a brand that is now recognized around the globe as a leading natural hair care company. Her success story reflects a wealth of knowledge, past experience and personal determination that led her to create the winning formula for a diverse group of women.

“Jane Carter Solution is designed for all hair types and textures. We’re committed to helping you love your hair”