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Wash and Retwist Your Locks with Jane Carter Solution


Washing your locks between salon visits doesn’t have to be tricky. Your focus is keeping your scalp moisturized, maintaining hydration and keeping locks clean of dust and lint. Follow our step-by-step guide! Here is what you’ll need:






Use a residue-free product to clean your locks. The frequency with which you wash your locks will depend on your lifestyle. If you’re more active than most, then you’ll need to consider washing your hair more often to reduce the build-up that sweat can produce on your scalp. If you’re less active, your dreadlock maintenance routine shouldn’t have to include washing your
hair more than weekly.

After the hair is saturated with water, pour shampoo on the scalp and continue down the length of the locs. Massage the entire scalp and scrub the locs for several minutes (if they are long enough). Rinse well and repeat.



Much debated in the dreadlocks community, conditioning your hair restores your locks from the root and can correct surface damage. After your final shampoo, condition your locs and cover with a plastic cap for 5 minutes. Rinse very well.



Moisturize the hair and scalp with a nourishing loc butter, be sure to evenly distribute the product.



Retwist with Jane Carter Solution Twist & Lock; style as usual.



Love Your Hair,





Learn How to Retwist Your Locs with Jane Carter


I love seeing a head of gorgeous locks randomly on the street, the type that make you look twice. It instantly tells me that years of maintenance and love have been put into their hair. Wonder what it takes to whip your locks worthy of a double take?

Twist Your Locks - Jane Carter SolutionMaintenance is an important factor in having healthy locks. Part of loc maintenance is the regular re-twisting as your hair grows; in order to ensure hair continues to lock, new growth must be twisted. Regular maintenance will ensure that your locks are clean and free of dust, hydrated and that you scalp remains moisturized. Your lifestyle and hair type will determine the frequency in which you maintain your hair.

You don’t have to pay the big bucks to retwist your hair, which can put a dent in your wallet and a damper on your savings. Learn how to DIY by visiting the Jane Carter Solution Step-by-Step Instruction Guide for how-to and the best styling products to use!

Love Your Hair,


Countdown to a New Year


The New Year symbolizes the birth of hope, and the renewal of life. It is time for change, renewal, and celebration. The great thing about today is that yesterday is gone. You can’t go back and undo things you have done, but you can embrace today and look toward the future with hope.

“The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.”

~G. K. Chesterton 

Many choose the New Year as the time to turn over a new leaf. Smokers vow to kick the foul habit. Some decide to change to a new and improved lifestyle. Habitual spendthrifts decide to mend their ways. And most of us, who enjoy eating unhealthy food, latch on to the latest dieting fad.

No matter what the change….don’t forget the little things. Live life more, appreciate every moment and fear less!

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Spread Some Fa-La-La-La-La


This is the time of the year that we enter into holiday frenzy – fabulous feasts, good company and long-awaited presents. Children may already be finalizing their lists, adding the latest toys, electronics and must-have gadgets.

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.

There’s no time like the holidays to teach your children about the spirit of the season and the “magic” that can be created with small acts of love, kindness and attention. An important part of the holiday season is charitable giving and the learning experiences that come along with it.

  • Give to charity.
  • Watch old movies.
  • Reminisce.
  • Create new memories.
  • Discuss the significance of the holidays with your child.
  • Make holiday treats.
  • Enjoy the crisp winter air.
  • Gather with family and friends.

Make this holiday season a magical one for your family by appreciating together the pleasures it brings…no magic lasts longer than that which you create with family and/or friends.