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Give Yourself the Gift of Value


“If you place such small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise the price.”

Acknowledgement is an inside-out proposition. When you acknowledge yourself internally, the external world responds favorably.

Somewhere down the line, many have fallen prey to seeking from others hoping the external approval will miraculously make us feel better about ourselves; believing that we can’t internally acknowledge ourselves without external validation. You can not seek validation in the eyes of others, period.

We are valued because of who we are not because of what we achieve, own nor our physical appearance. Society places excessive value on the tangible but true value in your intangible self worth of integrity, kindness, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, inner balance and defining your own success.

Have you given yourself the gift of value!

Look Within


“You can’t outrun yourself. Slow down and look within; your answers and salvation are there.” 

There is no way to avoid this. You must turn inward for the answers you now seek; no one outside you has your answers. 

Isn’t it odd that we have to be reminded of this? Often, when faced with being alone with ourselves we will do just about anything to avoid it. The person we’d least like to meet on a dark stairway is our inner self. It just feels easier to ask someone else, to take someone else’s truth….but that won’t work!

We all need time alone, to reset, reflect and recharge. Carving out time to be alone with yourself, time long enough for you to hear your own inner guidance. Keeping oneself distracted by work, worry, stress, or the needs of others can temporarily quell that inner call to take care of you. The call for self-healing is satisfied through getting to know oneself and searching out those wounded places within that have flared up due to circumstances in our present.

Move yourself away from your distractions but be prepared for ego resistance to this idea. Do it anyway! Just when you feel you certainly cannot do it, that is when you must. Let the phone ring, let the kids get their own lunch, let the laundry go, take a well day at work (you may have to call it a sick day but know in your heart it is a well day for you).

Trust me, do it and your soul will thank you!



“I found myself when I lost you.” –unknown

Emerging from a relationship can feel like breaking out of a cocoon. At first you may feel a bit lost with new found time on your hands…POWER THROUGH THE LONELINESS; you are just steps away from rediscovering yourself!

You were complete and multi-faceted before you met your “ex”; somehow, we allow the breakup to overshadow that. Remember the things that make you tick; journaling is a great way to jump start this.

Set new goals for yourself in order to look forward to the future, making your happiness a priority.

Enjoy the journey!

Reinvent Yourself – Part Two

“I believe that everyone has a dream waiting to be realized.”

You are focused. Clear about who your are, what defines you, and where you are going. Your vision board is complete, now it’s time to be proactive. Your dream is within your reach; you are not a victim of your circumstances – act NOW. In order to reinvent yourself, you have to change something – your beliefs, behavior, focus or actions. Change on that level usually brings about some level of discomfort. Just remember that on the other side of the discomfort, lies the priceless acquisition of passion, joy, excitement and growth.


SEEK IT – It’s time to ignite “dream momentum”! Seek ways to stretch yourself in order to achieve your goal.

What things do you need to do differently to achieve your goal?

What people, places, or things need to be eliminated?

What tools or skills do I need to acquire?


WORK IT – Create a road map to success, something written in ink that you can refer back to in case you lose your way. List everything that you need to do daily and a schedule for when you’ll do it.


Look for employment?

Start networking for connections?

Look for an apartment or home in a new city?

Get organized?

Handle finances?

REPEAT IT – If you find yourself lost, go back and start from the beginning. If 5 years pass and it’s time to reinvet yourself again, go back and start from the beginning.



Let this be the road map into your future. The questions in each step always
remain the same, your answers will change based on your goal…the dream.

Reinvent Yourself – Part One

“Each one of us has the right and the possibility to reinvent ourselves daily.”

-Maya Angelou


Change means reinvention. A valuable skill that I’ve learned over the years is the ability to reinvent myself. There is a need within us all to find newness in our lives at various stages. Without taking control of who we will become then we risk never reaching our full potential.

  1. THINK IT Think about the future you are creating, where would you like to be headed in your life right now. Imagine the feeling, group of people, or situation that you are headed towards.

What are you doing?

Where do you live?

Who are the people in your life?

  1. SEE IT See it, see it every day! Vision boards are simple yet powerful, it’s the law of attraction. Use pictures, drawings, words, and/or personal writing pertaining to who you want to become and what you want in your life. Include anything that is congruent with your goal, such as any changes in life that might result from obtaining your goal.

Who would you be?

What kind of work would you do?

Would you work?

Who would you help?

Where would you live?

What things would you own?


These are two of the five stages of change. Please check back next Monday, May 16, for Reinvent Yourself – Part Two.

Enjoy the Journey,