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Jane Carter is the Curl Authority!

0 Comments featured a great post about Jane Carter, titled “Curl Authority: Jane Carter.” The post shares Jane’s top techniques, must-haves and ticks of the trade. Check it out here! Thanks, ModernSalon!

What I Love About the Holidays


I must admit that I do love this time of the year! I believe in the beauty and spirit of the holiday season; of joy trumping stress, of giving over getting, making merry and spreading glad tidings.

I love:

  • Belting out Christmas songs – and not feeling self-conscious about my singing.
  • Every gathering includes finding cheer in a bottle of anything containing alcohol.
  • Fondly remembering holiday seasons past with family and friends.
  • Sparkle, shimmer and all sequin everything.
  • Over indulging in all things sweet that come wrapped in a bow.
  • The fact that people, who may otherwise not do so the rest of the year, now smile more readily, forget their woes for a little while and adopt a cheery disposition.
  • Deciding to drive home the long way simply to enjoy all of the holiday lights and decorations.
  • Receiving Holiday cards and emails, aka “year in review” updates.
  • Realizing that the love you have in your life from family and friends is the ONLY gift you need…any holiday season.

What are some of your favorite things about this season?

Let’s Talk Shea Butter


Shea butter is a rich source of moisture, vitamins and fat for your skin and hair. In its natural state, shea butter is a thick, yellowish butter that liquefies at body temperature. Natural anti-inflammatory properties make it a nourishing choice for the scalp, helping to improve your hair growth and health.

Shea Butter can provide improvement in all the conditions listed below. As you use this multi-purpose butter, you are likely to discover additional uses!

  • Dry skin 
  • Skin rash 
  • Skin peeling, after tanning 
  • Blemishes and Wrinkles 
  • Itching skin 
  • Sunburn 
  • Shaving cream for a smooth silky shave 
  • Small skin wounds 
  • Skin cracks 
  • Tough or rough skin (Feet, Elbow) 
  • Cold weather 
  • Frost bites 
  • Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy 
  • Insect bites 
  • Eczema 
  • Dermatitis 
  • Skin damage from heat, hot grease while cooking, radiation treatment for certain medical problems
  • Healthy skin 

Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine contains shea butter plus all natural vitamins and essential oils…have you given it a try? Be careful – husbands, kids and roommates have been known to swipe this fantabulous product!

From the Inside Out


Coconut milk is excellent for strengthening your immune system since it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. It’s also full of dietary fiber, promoting a healthy digestive system. When your body is replenished with essential vitamins and minerals, your digestive system is clear and you’re using nourishing hair care products (like Jane Carter Solution) – your hair will begin to thrive by default! Combine that with your daily intake of water (at least half your weight in ounces) and you’ll be full of energy and glowing in no time.

Here’s a Dr. Oz smoothie to make hair healthy from the inside out; combining coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and chia seed.  Chia seeds are loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and are an excellent source of protein which is essential for healthy skin, nails, and hair for only 216 calories per 16 ounce serving.


  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • Stevia to sweeten*


  • Add almond milk and chia seeds then let sit for 15 minutes. Chia seeds will absorb milk and become jelly like.
  • Add remaining ingredients and stir
  • Serve and Enjoy!

Jilly from Philly is Natural


“Jilly from Philly” is looking mighty radiant on the cover of the October 2012 Issue of Essence Magazine. It seems as though she’s celebrating a fresh start and new beginnings after moving on from her failed engagement and signing a new deal with Warner Brothers which resulted in a #1 album last year.

For her cover shot, she decided to pose in her most ‘simplest form’, with no weave, wigs or product in her hair while expressing that hair is only an accessory to her: This is the second time Jill has stepped out into the spotlight with a natural hair style and we think she looks beautiful, radiant and better than ever. We know Jill is a fan of weaves wigs, blow-drying and straightening her hair, but we think her natural hair looks best! There’s nothing wrong with trying different hairstyles or experimenting, but our vote is natural!

What do you think?

Personal Bill of Rights


Sometimes there can be periods in our lives when we can lack confidence, question our self-worth or have difficulty asserting ourselves and possibly even questions our right to take up space in this world. Is it caused by outside forces?

There are many things that we also must learn to let go of in order to progress: situations, things, memories, and the most difficult of them all – people.

Is there someone in your life that you are giving the power to affect your emotional outlook on life? Then it’s time detachment time. It’s imperative to develop and maintain a safe, emotional distance from this person who is controlling you. People, places, or things which control you are the uncontrollables and unchangables that you need to let go of if you are to become a fully healthy, coping individual.

Each person has the right …………
… to express what he or she feels or thinks
… to tell the truth
… to be trusted and believed
… to be listened to and be understood
… to admit weakness without being ridiculed
… to express his or her needs and desires and to be taken seriously
… to be heard in the context of the moment without being reminded of the past
… to grow
… to seek help, friendship and support
… to be forgiven