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Natural Hair at the Pageant


Pageant veteran, LaQuisha Hall, has decided to take a risk and compete with her natural hair – curly. June 20, 2012, Hall appeared on Pageant Prep Radio to declare war on the exaggerated images displayed on the pageant stage and in the media.

Hall, the current Mrs. Maryland Beautiful 2012, started her pageant career in 2008 and has spent the last four years successfully competing wearing full hair weaves and wigs. “Pageant standards can be very high,” explains Hall. “In the past, all that I have seen in winners has been straight, long, wavy, and curly hair. I used to alter myself to look like what I thought they wanted the winner to look like.”

A dreamer, a daughter, a sister, a mentor, a motivator, a teacher, and an advocate…she sure looks like a winner to me! What do you think?