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Saturday Scalp Treatment


A little TLC can help to keep your skin and hair in excellent condition even in the cold, dry months. If your skin dries out when the weather becomes cooler every autumn, then you probably notice a dry, itchy scalp, and maybe even some flakes, this time of year.

fall beauty

An unhealthy scalp is not only uncomfortable; it can also stop your hair from thriving, which can lead to slower growth and less luster. The culprits are the low moisture contents of cool outside air and heated inside air. Do you need a hair intervention? Well fear not! We have the prescription that you’re looking for – the prescription for a healthy, moisturized scalp with an easy Saturday Scalp Treatment:

  • Before shampooing, apply Scalp Renew to your scalp, massage and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes to exfoliate and cleanse scalp; it is recommended to put a cap over the hair and sit under a dryer.
  • After showering, apply small drops of Scalp Nourishing Serum to the scalp to increase circulation and nourish.

Get a healthy scalp and beautiful hair every season with Jane Carter Solution!


Love Your Hair,


Wash and Retwist Your Locks with Jane Carter Solution


Washing your locks between salon visits doesn’t have to be tricky. Your focus is keeping your scalp moisturized, maintaining hydration and keeping locks clean of dust and lint. Follow our step-by-step guide! Here is what you’ll need:






Use a residue-free product to clean your locks. The frequency with which you wash your locks will depend on your lifestyle. If you’re more active than most, then you’ll need to consider washing your hair more often to reduce the build-up that sweat can produce on your scalp. If you’re less active, your dreadlock maintenance routine shouldn’t have to include washing your
hair more than weekly.

After the hair is saturated with water, pour shampoo on the scalp and continue down the length of the locs. Massage the entire scalp and scrub the locs for several minutes (if they are long enough). Rinse well and repeat.



Much debated in the dreadlocks community, conditioning your hair restores your locks from the root and can correct surface damage. After your final shampoo, condition your locs and cover with a plastic cap for 5 minutes. Rinse very well.



Moisturize the hair and scalp with a nourishing loc butter, be sure to evenly distribute the product.



Retwist with Jane Carter Solution Twist & Lock; style as usual.



Love Your Hair,





Haute Hair Spotlight: Rihanna


Rihanna, the chameleon, has stepped onto the scene with a new cut…a versatile pixie. Smooth spiked or curled – she is rocking this crop cut to the fullest! No vivid color this go round, back-to-black with the perfect precision cut to highlight her main feature – her gorgeous face.


Rihanna’s style is easily maintained by wrapping your hair. A wrap set is a great way to get a sleek look without having to apply direct heat to your hair. The goal is soft, light, feathery hair in a wrap set; regardless of length. Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll delivers a clean, soft finish with shine as it dries with no residue to weigh hair down or cause stiffness.

1)   wash your hair with Moisture Nourishing Shampoo

2)   towel dry slightly make sure you hair is still slightly damp; apply Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner

3)   saturate hair with Wrap & Roll and comb our hair either clockwise or counter clockwise, making sure either hair is completely smooth and flat

4)   comb the short nape down flat; add Condition & Sculpt if additional hold is needed

5)   secure with paper or cloth wrap

6)   completely dry hair using a hooded dryer

7)   once dry let hair complete cool, then comb down wrap and apply a small amount of Nourish & Shine

8)   style hair with finger and/or flat iron


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Resurgence of the Summer Hat


Floppy hats compliment carefree style; the perfect accessory to basking in the sun with your toes playing in the sand! Nothing screams easy breezy summer days and warm summer nights like a fabulous summer hat.

Jane Carter Solution11

Not only a fashion must have but also the perfect way to shield your hair from the scorching rays of the sun. It’s during this time that the rise in temperature tends to dry out hair leaving it lifeless, dry, and brittle. Underneath the hat, your hair should be protected by the products that you use; here are three tips using Jane Carter Solution products:

  • Add Hydrate Quench to your hair daily. This step is especially key for chemically processed hair because it tends to interact with the summer sun resulting in brittleness, color change, and breakage.
  • Apply Nourish & Shine liberally to your hair before taking a dive into chlorinated water or sea water. It will act as a seal to protect your hair from absorbing chlorine or salt which is extremely drying.
  • Rinse your hair immediately after swimming. As soon as you get home, shampoo with Moisture Nourishing Shampoo; it will cleanse the hair of any residue and replenish the moisture.

Enjoy the summer sun!


Love Your Hair,



Holiday Office Party Chic


Its holiday season again and that usually means countless parties…especially this last weekend before the Holiday.

From work celebrations to gatherings with family and friends, holiday time means finding a million and one reasons to get fabulous! Not all holiday events call for you to be decked to the hilt, however. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to keep it simple and sophisticated. It’s always best to not overdo it for holiday functions at work, and subtle looks may be a bit more appropriate when connecting with friends and neighbors.
Try these simple steps:

  • Moisturize your skin.
  • Tame your brows.
  • Even skin with a light foundation.
  • Sweep neutral shadow across lids.
  • Highlight brow bone.
  • Layer lip liner and lip tint.
  • Pull hair up or back.
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Nothing tops off a fabulous holiday party outfit like a smoking hot makeup and hair!