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Skin Care for the Polar Vortex ~ By

Nourish & Shine

Moisturize Hair

Your skin isn’t the only thing that suffers during the winter—just look at your hair. Dry hair needs hydration, and a good product will provide a seal to keep keep in moisture, protect hair and add natural shine. This Nourish & Shine solution completely melts into your hair without leaving it greasy, and as a bonus, you can also use it on your skin.

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4 Beauty Products That Changed My Life ~ By Clarabelle

Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine:  If you struggle with dry hair — this product will deliver. The ingredients are all natural — and the smell is amazing. I could go on for days about how great this product is. Even if you don’t have “ethnic hair” this treatment could work great for a pre-shampoo treatment for any type of dry, damaged hair.

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Gems of Beauty…

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Hair Care Choices: What is Best for Your Hair and Scalp


Regardless of your hair type or texture, the hair care products you use can make a difference. We recommend using only natural hair care products that are high in natural oils and butters and vitamins. Every hair type needs fatty acids and natural oils to stay moisturized and synthetic products simply don’t provide the nutrients necessary to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

multiple textures

Using natural hair care products formulated with natural oils and butters is the best thing you can do for your hair and scalp, especially if you have dry coarse natural hair. Look for paraben-free products that have amino acids and natural oils like jojoba, olive, lemon, lavender, safflower, sunflower, wheat proteins, as well as vitamins A, D, E. These natural shampoos and natural conditioners may cost a bit more than synthetics but you’ll see and feel the difference in your hair.

Jane Carter Solution products moisturize and nourish hair; our Hydrate and Restore lines are designed to strengthen fortify and infuse moisture into the hair. Not only will your hair look terrific, you’ll be able to toss out all of those bottles and jars of partially used products and reclaim some real estate in the bathroom. No longer in search of the ‘perfect’ hair care product – you’ll know what to look for and won’t settle for less!


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