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Fall 2013 Hair Trends: Buns and Top Knots


The phenomenon continues….buns and top knots will dominate for Fall 2013! The explosion of these fun styles as a way to put your hair up or pull it back is perfectly in tune with chic fashion and not taking yourself, or your style, too seriously. It’s also the fastest and easiest way to achieve sophistication.

Buns & Top Knots

Buns and top knots are not only simple to create but they also allow you to get creative and form a unique look. Perfect for all hair types, the focus of these styles is to make sure your bun or knot is secure and to eliminate frizz and fly-aways.

  1. Snag-free ponytail holder (they will not tangle in your hair or cause pulling)
  2. Hair pins with coated tips (they will not scratch your scalp)
  3. A soft bristle brush
  4. Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Cream to smooth hair into your bun or top knot; use Jane Carter Solution Condition & Sculpt if you desire a firmer hold
  5. Hair accessories to complete your look; scarf, barrette or braid
  6. Jane Carter Solution Natural Hold Spray Gel to set and finish the style

How do you like to wear your bun or top knot? Please share your favorite updo images on our Facebook page or tweet us on Twitter, using hash tag #JCSupdoForFall.


Love Your Hair,


Blending Your Hair into Your Weave


hair extensions 1

Weaves are a good way to protect your hair or add a little spice to your everyday life; matching your own hair texture with your weave can be the most challenging part of wearing extensions. The correct products can easily turn your frustration into blending perfection that will keep them guessing!

hair extensions 2

Jane Carter Solution products are for everyone. Whether styling your weave or caring for your own hair under a weave…hair is hair and we’ve got exactly what you need:

Revitalizing Leave-In – lightweight, great for detangling, can be used on your hair as a heat protectant

Condition & Sculpt – smooth and lays down edges, locks in style in curly and wavy textures

Scalp Renew – pre-shampoo treatment that can be applied between tracks to cleanse/exfoliate scalp

Grow Great Hair  – massage edges to promote hair growth

Wrap & Roll – helps to blend your natural hair into the weave 

Nourish & Shine – hydrate a dry scalp, can be applied sparingly between tracks

There is nothing worse than having to constantly monitor your edges and leave-out throughout the day for fear your hair is not blending with your weave. Using a lot of heat to blend your hair is a no-no as well! The right products allow you to minimize the amount of heat needed to style your hair. Healthy and fabulous!


Love Your Hair,


Haute Hair Spotlight: Rihanna


Rihanna, the chameleon, has stepped onto the scene with a new cut…a versatile pixie. Smooth spiked or curled – she is rocking this crop cut to the fullest! No vivid color this go round, back-to-black with the perfect precision cut to highlight her main feature – her gorgeous face.


Rihanna’s style is easily maintained by wrapping your hair. A wrap set is a great way to get a sleek look without having to apply direct heat to your hair. The goal is soft, light, feathery hair in a wrap set; regardless of length. Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll delivers a clean, soft finish with shine as it dries with no residue to weigh hair down or cause stiffness.

1)   wash your hair with Moisture Nourishing Shampoo

2)   towel dry slightly make sure you hair is still slightly damp; apply Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner

3)   saturate hair with Wrap & Roll and comb our hair either clockwise or counter clockwise, making sure either hair is completely smooth and flat

4)   comb the short nape down flat; add Condition & Sculpt if additional hold is needed

5)   secure with paper or cloth wrap

6)   completely dry hair using a hooded dryer

7)   once dry let hair complete cool, then comb down wrap and apply a small amount of Nourish & Shine

8)   style hair with finger and/or flat iron


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Happy New Year from Jane Carter Solution


In the coming year may you find happiness,

use your abilities to solve problems and challenges;

always have hope and never lose it;

goals to keep you focused on your dreams;

and abundant success by solving your problems, focusing on your goals, and always having hope.

May good fortune will find you in 2013.

Happy New Year from Jane Carter Solution!

Crowns of Glory


Andrea Pippins, a Baltimore-based graphic designer, released a four-poster series of prints titled “Crowns of Color” last week as answer for her need of diverse affordable art a light-hearted celebration of black women’s hair.

In a recent magazine interview, Pippins describes how she hopes to steer the black hair conversation in a different direction, “With all due respect, I am personally tired of the natural hair conversation in regards to one having to defend the choice to go natural, encouraging someone to go natural, or speaking to it from a place of political debate.”

Crowns of Color is meant to be celebratory, quirky, and a documentation of our culture. Like the barbershop signs from Africa. Although they are simply style guides for the clients who patron the shop they are also reflections of history—a record of what hairstyles were hot at different periods of time in different parts of the continent. I wanted to pay homage to that.

Andrea Pippins ROCKS!

Let Go and Move Forward


“The secret of forgiving everything is to understand nothing” –George Bernard

It’s that time of year when people begin thinking about making their New Year’s resolutions.

At some point, we’ve all been wronged, perhaps you were in an abusive relationship or a friend turned their back on you.  You’ve carried bitterness and resentment with you ever since. You may have had no choice in what happened to you, but you do have a choice in how you react to this adversity and how you will live the rest of your life.

Internalizing hurt and anger is harmful — spiritually, physically and mentally. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness. Lighten your load for the New Year.

To forgive, to accept forgiveness, to ask for forgiveness is a powerful start to the New Year.