Risk Taking


The moment I stop taking risks I will feel as though I have conformed, and to conform is the same as settling to me.

Too many people have settled for a life, lifestyle, or an existence that is not fulfilling simple because they are unwilling to take risks. Life can be scary if you don’t discover an even deeper self-identity based on courage, commitment, compassion, and creativity that allows one to live fearlessly. Life is not meant to willingly live in cages, trapped by our own fears.
I’m not saying that the fear ever goes away; no matter how much learn, grow, or achieve – the fear always inside. that little voice of doubt whispering in your head to play it safe…feel the fear and do it anyway! You must take risks in life in order to find success, no matter how many times you fall. Every outcome of every mistake has it’s own purpose and brings about a learning experience that you will carry with you for the next time. It’s all about falling forward.
If we want to fly badly enough, we will be willing to give up being a caterpillar.

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