Happiness is NOT for Sale!


“Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.”

Happiness is not an external force; real happiness is an internal force. Happiness, like water, must be poured in and reside within you.

One of the first steps of achieving internal happiness is becoming comfortable and at peace with who you are. Too many people go through their entire life beating themselves up over things that they cannot change. Happiness is a feeling, a frame of mind that allows you to love yourself, regardless of your flaws. It’s not things or symbols or connections that grant us happiness, it’s how we view and relate to things.

External things end, they don’t always arrive when you want them, creating states of craving and aversion. Even if these things do arrive, as soon as they are no longer new, it’s becomes a matter of “what’s next”. Lasting happiness comes about through changing your mind, to change the world, not forms of instant gratification.

Are you happy?

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