Count Your Strands


Shedding, it really is normal. We typically lose 50 to 100 strands per day even though the amount of hair differs for each person. It’s unavoidable as it is a normal process of the growth cycle in which strands detach from the follicle to make was for new hair to grow in its place.

There are some instanced where excessive shedding may be a sign of a more serious condition:

  • Shedding vs. Breakage – If the strands do not have a tiny white bulb attached to the end of it than you’re experiencing breakage rather than shedding. Nutritional deficiency, dehydration and/or improper hair care could be the offender.
  • Excessive Shedding – If the hair strands in your styling tools or your bathroom counter and floor seems to have increased, you may need to contact your dermatologist.
    Many women experience excessive shedding during hormonal changes or while
    under stress.
  • Shedding vs. Baldness – Baldness occurs when the rate of hair loss is significantly faster than the rate if hair growth. Aging and genetics do play a part in this but if you are experiencing bald patches due to excessive shedding, you should visit your dermatologist immediately!

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