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If you need help transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, we offer the best solutions and simplest steps. This is the newest movement in the world of hair and we urge you to educate yourself on this healthy transition for your hair. There are many tips and tricks you should know before starting the transition from chemically processed hair to natural tresses. These include letting go of your relaxed hair, locks, braids, and extensions. It’s time to find a new style that fits your personality and keeps your hair healthy and naturally beautiful.

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Going Natural?


Making the transition from straight to natural hair can be difficult, whether your hair be loose curls or tight kinks. It can be as challenging for someone who has blown out their hair straight their whole lives as for someone who has chemically relaxed their hair since they were a child. It is about learning to accept the texture with which you’ve been born rather than trying to mold it into something else.


Transitioning to natural hair is a process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off the processed or damaged ends. Once you start to grow out your natural texture, you will have to re-learn how to care for your new hair. Whether you’re looking to transition or big chop, every product that you put on your hair should be filled with moisture. Start by using moisturizing cleansers, conditioners, deep conditioners and oils to minimize hair breakage and keep both hair textures healthy.

Going natural is one of the greatest decisions a person can make. Women all over the world are in pursuit of healthy, beautiful, and stylish hair and transitioning to grow natural hair can be an exciting experience. Remember to:

  • Figure out why you are transitioning — dye damage, heat styling damage, etc. — and don’t let yourself forget it!
  • Focus on the positive aspects of transitioning: saving money, less hassle, less upkeep!
  • Trek the road with a friend. When two people conquer their fears together, nothing can stand in their way!


Love Your Hair,


Transitioning Tips


If you’ve been on the fence about transitioning your relaxed hair into a chemical-free halo of curls, you’re not alone. With any change in life, it takes a little patience and the right resources. Getting back to your “natural” beauty is a beautiful thing and an interesting road to self-discovery!


Your hair is an extension of your body, and needs as much care as any other part of you does. In the same way that you wash, moisturize and care for your skin the same should go for your hair. The transition from relaxed hair into natural hair is tough – odd curly bits, split ends and endless breakage. Don’t lose hope; follow these tips on your journey:

  • Keep your scalp clean.
  • Deep condition weekly.
  • Avoid harsh combing or brushing; detangle with conditioner while hair is wet.
  • Hydrate from root to tip.
  • Limit heat usage.
  • Textured styles are your best friend.
  • Trim end every 4-6 weeks.

The correct products also assist in making the transitioning process easier try the Jane Carter Solution Natural & Transitioning Hair Care Regimen to provide your hair with the hydration needed while also assisting with your styling needs.

Enjoy the journey!


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Going Natural? This Hair Care Regimen is Made Just For You!


Going natural is one of the greatest decisions a person can make.  Women all over the world are in pursuit of healthy, beautiful, and stylish hair and transitioning to grow natural hair can be an exciting experience.  Your hair is an extension of your body and needs as much care as any other part does.  By having a natural hair care regimen, you can meet all your hairs’ needs.  We have designed a hair care solution for coiled, curly, kinky, or wavy hair that are transitioning to natural hair.

The Natural & Transitioning Hair Care Regimen includes:

  • Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo
  • Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner
  • Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner
  • Curl Defining Cream
  • Natural Twist Out Foam
  • Nourish & Shine

This regimen is only available on our website and retails for $82 when you buy each product separately.  You can save $13 and begin your healthy transition to hair that is stunning and full of life.  Click Here to buy the Natural & Transitioning Hair Care Regimen.

The Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo gently cleanses your hair and scalp while adding extra moisture.  Chemically treated hair dries out quickly and can lead to further damage.  By applying this sulfate free shampoo, you can re-activate those humectants to help hold moisture while adding a hint of peppermint to wake up your scalp.  Follow this with Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner to strengthen, detangle, and smooth your hair.

Apply our Natural Twist Out Foam to define curls and can be used for lock styling.  This product can be used daily and dries clean without any residue.  No matter your style, the twist out foam can be used for all kinds of natural hair styling.  To add incredible shine and strength, use our award-winning curl defining cream.  This hair care product is composed of natural ingredients including shea butter, avocado, and jojoba oil.  It will elongate tight curls and help to define looser curls without leaving any residue.

To protect and refresh your hair, mist Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner.  This product works as a protective barrier against further hair damage.  It will help reduce the temperature when blow-drying or flat-ironing and works as a sun screen too.  For the final touch, apply a pea size amount of Nourish & Shine to seal in moisture and add great shine.

Transitioning to natural hair can be done with minimal breakage if you have the necessary hair care products and understand how to care for it.  Our natural & transitioning hair care regimen is made from all natural ingredients and is healthy for both relaxed and natural hair textures.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional hair care products, as well as being your go-to source for hair care questions and helpful tips.

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Chop It Up


big_chop_janecartersolutionHave you been contemplating the “big chop” but are instantly stopped in your tracks from a sudden wide range of emotions? You are not alone!

Letting go of your relaxed ends is a major step; this is the “all in” option, similar to sky diving – no turning back. There is no easing in and for many is a pivotal moment as it is immediate, bold and deliberate.

Once you make the decision to stop chemically altering your hair, you need to decide how you’re going to go about it. If you decide to do it and the process of transitioning may require a bit more time than you hoped then the next and quickest route is the big chop. Once you cut away all of your processed hair, you instantly have only one texture to deal with as the chop eliminates the need to work with both your transitioning and previously permed textures.

We here at Jane Carter Solution are here to support you during your journey. Visit our Personalized Hair Care Prescription page for customized product suggestions to suit your hair care and styling needs.
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Restore. Moisturize. Repair.


If you have spent the winter toasty under indoor heat and wool hats, it’s time to start reviving your hair for the spring and vastly approaching summer. If your hair is dry, damaged and has lost its shine, you can revitalize it with Jane Carter Solution Restore Moisture Mist.

Kelis_red_hairHydrate and rejuvenate hair with a simply squeeze of the handle. The new Restore Moisture Mist is not your average leave-in conditioner; it is fortified with liquid Shea Butter which provides so much more. (get excited) Perfect for hair that needs a bit more than just hydration: chemically straightened, coiled, transitioning and especially you color loving ladies; use after shampooing with Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo or Restore Creamy Conditioning Cleanser Free and Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner in your hair care regimen.

Hydrate, soften hair, seal hair cuticle, repair damage AND add shine – simply amazing! A little TLC and your hair will be healthy and nourished.

Love Your Hair,