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Our hair care products strengthen, fortify, and improve the overall health of your hair. Jane Carter Solution home grown hair care products are all made from natural ingredients and do not contain petroleum, mineral oil, glycerin, silicones, or parabens in their formulation. Instead we use essential oils, shea butters, vitamins, and other botanicals to create a refreshing hair care line that smells great and does the job of nourishing and taming hair for multiple styling purposes. Our products are developed for men & women of all ages, of different ethnic backgrounds, and hair types. The scent is botanical but light enough to be gender and age neutral. The products are environmentally friendly and never tested on animals.

Grow Healthy Summer Hair


I have a secret (that’s not really a secret) to share with you all…healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. To get gorgeous, healthier, thicker hair you need to start at the root – the scalp. Perhaps because our scalp is covered by a full head of hair that it is the most neglected part of body; our roots crave nourishment and requires equal, if not more, care.Your hair follicles depend heavily on the surrounding tissue for their blood supply to remain healthy; you can help keep your scalp happy and healthy with a little extra attention.

If you truly want healthy hair, shampoos and conditioners can only take you halfway through the journey. This is a collective effort that requires shampoos and conditioners free of harmful ingredients but also scalp TLC. Treatments that focus on the scalp are essential; just like your face, this delicate skin changes as you age and needs constant maintenance. Start with Jane Carter Solution, we’ve got you! We’ve developed these 3 great products to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth or hair restoration, mentioned in a recent Lucky Magazine blog post.

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Scalp Renew

Scalp exfoliation cleanses the follicle sebum and toxins; this allows greater absorption of nutrients to produce emollients for healthy hair and scalp. Scalp Renew is used prior to each shampoo and washed out.


Scalp Nourishing Serum

Sooth dry scalp or maintain a healthy, supple, well-nourished scalp with the essentials oils and botanicals in Scalp Nourishing Serum. Massaging this vitamin infused oil with increase scalp circulation resulting in the perfect environment for healthy hair to flourish!


Hair Nourishing Serum

Feed your hair the nutrients that it needs with Hair Nourishing Serum! This light serum, perfect for all hair type and textures, is packed with nourishment that is delivered to you hair’s cortex.


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At Jane Carter Solution, we want you to LOVE YOUR HAIR. As such, we’ve created several videos showing you how to use JCS products the best way for your hair type. And we want your input!

Check out the product demo videos below, watch & comment and you’re eligible! After you’ve commented on YouTube, e-mail us a link to the video you reviewed at with your YouTube name. We will reply with the promo code! Act fast, this special 25% OFF code expires after Labor Day!

Curly hair gone Limp from Heat Damage?  Hydrate, Detangle, Heat Protect, Seal Cuticle or

Heat Damage? Condition, Detangle without disturbing curl pattern, Define Curls with CDC, Hydrate

Shampoo and Detangle without Disrupting Curl Pattern

Natural Hair, Hydrate, Heat Protect, How to Wear it Straight

Fine Hair? Wash & Wear, Define Curl, Crunch Hold

Detangle Color Treated Hair 

Curly to Straight “How to Style”

Which Jane Carter Solution Product is Your Favorite?


Here at Jane Carter Solution, we take pride in carrying natural hair care products for natural hair, relaxed hair, curly hair, healthy hair, and damaged hair – there is literally something for EVERY hair type and texture. Our products are hair care for humanity that also is kind to the planet Earth; true home grown products.


Everyone has a favorite Jane Carter Solution product and an interesting story behind how it became your favorite – we want to hear about it! My absolute favorite happens to be Condition & Sculpt (followed by Hydrate Quench) for its light hold and ability combat frizziness; it perfect curls and prevents shrinking when mixed with Curl Defining Cream. Of course there is a special place in my heart for Nourish & Shine, it’s the best multi-purpose product on the market…and Scalp Renew is a scalp treatment that I will not skip!

What is your favorite Jane Carter Solution product that you simply cannot and will not live without?


Care for your Fine Hair: Hair Care Prescription for Color Treated or Relaxed Hair


How you take care of your hair depends on the type of hair you have, your lifestyle, and how you style it.  We have developed personalized Hair Care Prescriptions & Hair Care Regimens for all types of hair and textures.  Our Regimen for fine or fragile hair that has been color treated or relaxed promises to keep it healthy, while sealing in moisture and letting it shine.

Our Hair Care Regimen for Fragile or Fine Hair that has been Color Treated or Relaxed contains:

·         Moisture Nourishing Shampoo

·         Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner

·         Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner

·         Hair Nourishing Cream

·         Hair Nourishing Serum

        This regimen retails for $72 when purchased separately, you SAVE $13!

When hair is damaged from coloring or relaxing treatments, it becomes dry & dull and can cause the hair to break.  For people with fine or fragile hair, choosing a mild shampoo is essential.  Our Moisture Nourishing Shampoo is gentle enough for daily use, yes strong enough to cleanse your hair and scalp to restore it to a balanced Ph.   

Your conditioner should not add extra weight to your hair.  It should have wheat proteins, a key ingredient to enhance volume. The proteins bond to the hair and will help increase thickness of the hair shaft.  Our Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner contains hydrolyzed wheat protein along with natural vitamins and minerals.  These ingredients bond to hair’s cortex providing strength, shine, and elasticity!  (Insider Tip: Use Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner in place of shaving cream.  It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.)

Perfect for fragile, color-treated or relaxed hair, our Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner will work as a protective barrier against further damage.  The lightweight formula should be sprayed on wet hair and will add an extra level of protection when blow drying or flat ironing hair, and from the sun.  This product is great for detangling, especially when used on children’s hair.

Finally, by adding a couple drops of our Hair Nourishing Cream and Hair Nourishing Serum your hair will feel vibrant and will have an incredible shine.  The Hair Nourishing Cream is an ultra light hair finisher designed as a daily moisturizer to help detangle and repair damaged hair.  The Hair Nourishing Serum contains 13 essential oils, vitamins, and botanicals that all work together to deliver incredible strength and stop hair breakage.  A few drops of both of these will go a long way but will never leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down.

All of these products used together will give your hair the proper care and attention it deserves.  Your hair is a valuable asset to your appearance and taking care of the health and growth is necessary.  If you have fine hair that has been damaged from coloring or relaxing treatments, click here to begin your healthy hair care journey.   

Love your hair,


Made Just For You: Natural, Locked, & Twisted Hair Care Regimen


We offer a natural hair care regimen for all hair types and textures.  Tailored specifically for locks, twists, and braids, the Natural/Locks/Twists hair care regimen will add moisture to your hair, infusing it with butters and vitamins, while making it soft and manageable.  Instead of buying our hair care products separately, we offer a special price when you buy the regimen.  A savings of $19!


Natural | Locks | Twists Hair Care Regimen



We have created an easy way to manage your locks and twists with a specially designed hair care regimen and step by step instructions.



The natural/locks/twists hair care regimen includes:

  • Scalp renew
  • Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo
  • Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner
  • Natural Twist Out Foam
  • Twist & Lock
  • Natural Hold Locking Spray
  • Scalp Nourishing Serum

You will receive all of the above for only $79.  Click Here to buy your Hair Care Regimen Today!

Before shampooing, apply scalp renew and massage to reduce any inflammation and build up.  Next, cleanse your scalp with Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo followed by Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner.  These products will help soften and strengthen your hair.

The Scalp Nourishing Serum can be used before or after styling your hair.  This product is made from all natural essential oils, botanicals, and vitamins healing and soothing the scalp when applied.  When used daily, scalp nourishing serum will help reduce itching and flaking.

To style, use Natural Twist Out Foam to smooth the hair.  Great for all kind of natural styling, Natural twist Out Foam can be used for double strand twists, bantu knots, twist outs, and keeping curls defined.  Next, apply Twist & Lock from roots to ends to maintain shape and nourish the hair and scalp.  Once your locks are in place, finish with Natural Hold Locking Spray to reduce frizz and smooth hair.

Formulating a healthy hair care regimen is our business.  We strive to create all natural hair care products to improve and maintain the health and style of your hair.  Following our natural, locked and twisted hair care regimen will put you on the path to shinier, healthier hair.

Love Your Hair,


Curly Hair Kids


Children suffer from dry scalp just like adults, especially if products are being used on their hair that strips its natural oils. The fix is easy with Jane Carter Solution products:

  • Mist hair and scalp with water (water = moisture)
  • Spritz Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner thoroughly onto hair, starting with ends and working your way up to the top of the head
  • Apply Nourish & Shine (or Scalp Nourishing Serum) to scalp to retain the moisture; if their hair is in cornrows, make sure to regularly rehydrate the hair and scalp

Using the right shampoo and using the proper detangling technique is key in keeping your child’s hair and scalp healthy. You’ll have happy kids with a healthy scalp and no more itchy and flaking!

Love Your Hair,