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Jane Carter has been a professional hair stylist, colorist, and salon owner for over 20 years. She founded the Jane Carter Solution after experiencing an allergic reaction caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals in traditional hair care products. Frustrated with the lack of chemical-free product choices, Jane Carter decided to formulate her own hair care line using plant derived ingredients, specifically designed for all hair types and textures. She is the creator, sole formulator, and CEO of Jane Carter Solution hair care products.

Grow Healthy Summer Hair


I have a secret (that’s not really a secret) to share with you all…healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. To get gorgeous, healthier, thicker hair you need to start at the root – the scalp. Perhaps because our scalp is covered by a full head of hair that it is the most neglected part of body; our roots crave nourishment and requires equal, if not more, care.Your hair follicles depend heavily on the surrounding tissue for their blood supply to remain healthy; you can help keep your scalp happy and healthy with a little extra attention.

If you truly want healthy hair, shampoos and conditioners can only take you halfway through the journey. This is a collective effort that requires shampoos and conditioners free of harmful ingredients but also scalp TLC. Treatments that focus on the scalp are essential; just like your face, this delicate skin changes as you age and needs constant maintenance. Start with Jane Carter Solution, we’ve got you! We’ve developed these 3 great products to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth or hair restoration, mentioned in a recent Lucky Magazine blog post.

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Scalp Renew

Scalp exfoliation cleanses the follicle sebum and toxins; this allows greater absorption of nutrients to produce emollients for healthy hair and scalp. Scalp Renew is used prior to each shampoo and washed out.


Scalp Nourishing Serum

Sooth dry scalp or maintain a healthy, supple, well-nourished scalp with the essentials oils and botanicals in Scalp Nourishing Serum. Massaging this vitamin infused oil with increase scalp circulation resulting in the perfect environment for healthy hair to flourish!


Hair Nourishing Serum

Feed your hair the nutrients that it needs with Hair Nourishing Serum! This light serum, perfect for all hair type and textures, is packed with nourishment that is delivered to you hair’s cortex.


To help kick-start the summer season this Memorial Day Weekend, we are offering 25% OFF Scalp Renew, Scalp Nourishing Serum and Hair Nourishing Serum with any $50 minimum purchase excluding kits, prescriptions and regimes. Simply add your items to the shopping cart, checkout and use promo code SUMMER7. (valid 5/23 3am, EST to 5/27 3am, EST)


Love Your Hair,


Mothers of Our Earth



“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~Elizabeth Stone

Mothers are the creator of the human race; they are the first Guru, the first guide and mentor of humanity. Think of the tremendous positive force that a mother, one single human being, can unleash upon the world — each having a far reaching effect on others, whether she is aware of it or not.

Motherhood is a woman’s never ending, a lifelong journey. The birth of each child is a new, magical experience beyond anything imaginable. There is a saying that the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. Whether the baby is from the womb, the adoption agency or foster care, each birth creates a new mother. They give the most precious of gifts to their children: unconditional love, support, wisdom and opportunity. It is pure passion that leads her to teach, protect, mold, shape and prepare her children for the future. In profound ways, all mothers empower their children to change the world. We all have our favorite mom stories, tales of how our mothers nurtured us into the people we are today.

This year, let us reflect on the women who have come before us and those that are still here within our reach.  They inspire us, they enlighten us, they nurture us; they come from all walks of life and from all every inch of this beautiful earth. Each one of us mothers has a purpose, a calling (big or small, public or private)…mine is to remind the women of the world to “love their hair” by embracing their natural beauty.

Celebrate by releasing the energy into the world that has been place upon your heart as you have the power to change the world in our communities, homes and hemispheres!


Happy Mother’s Day


Love Your Hair,





Only a Mother’s Love



 “The sun shines down, and its image reflects in a thousand different pots filled with water.

The reflections are many, but they are each reflecting the same sun.

Similarly, when we come to know who we truly are, we will see ourselves in all people.”

~Amma the Hugging Saint (India)


Revered as a powerful guru and saint, Mata Amritanandamayi (known throughout the world as Amma, or “mother”) has hugged more than 32 million people. All for the goal of spreading “selfless love and compassion toward all beings”; she’s on a mission to comfort her children, i.e. humanity. Only a mother would have such a goal, a yearning to heal and nurture all people of the world. The power of love can make any and every thing a possibility – especially the love of a mother!

There are many mothers, known and unknown, roaming this very Earth that they are trying to change on a daily basis. Immaculee Ilibagiza is a mother, author and motivational speaker that survived the Rwandan Genocide; she found it in her heart to embrace forgiveness and spread the teachings of love and compassion to others. Patricia Bragg is a mother and health crusader who has made it her quest to renew, rejuvenate and revitalize our lives through eating, breathing and exercising our bodies and minds. Oprah Winfrey may not have biological children, but thanks to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, she is able to step into the mother role and be a real mother friend companion advisor, comforter to hundreds of girls, Oprah admits, “this has added another level to my life”. Angelina Jolie is a mother, actress and humanitarian on a mission to save the lives of refugees and people who have been displaced due to conflict.

While we wish the entire world embraced more love, more caring, more giving and less selfishness, we can teach the children within our reach. We can show them to respect others. We can show them how to love others. We can show them how to take care of the environment. We can show them how to be a friend. Even in small things – the things we buy, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the waste we create – we can create a better world. Through them, we can change it.

Mothers’ love, support and commitment to making the world a better place has shaped the person we all are and what the children of this world will be. Even if your reach is not as broad as the mothers listed here, do for one what you wish you could do for all. Believe that love can change the world, don’t take my word for it – just look around at the mothers in your life, including YOU.


Love Your Hair,




Thando Kafele: Advice from the Lock Star


Natural Hair During Colder Weather

A of my clients are more concerned with their style options, and are not convinced that natural hair provides versatility and beauty. Protective styling is very important during the winter months; both locks and other styles will need a large amount of moisture to stay healthy in the colder months.

Conditioning Your Locks

A lot of stylists don’t stress the importance of conditioning natural hair and locks. There is a misconception that conditioner will loosen up the locks. Hair needs more moisture in cold weather and hair and scalp treatments are very important.

How to Use Products at Home

Clients need to leave the salon with products and a follow up regimen. I suggest using a hooded hair steamer with Nourish & Shine cocktailed with Scalp Nourishing Serum, and then sit the client under the steamer for 10-15 minutes. If you don’t have a steamer you can do the same treatment using a plastic cap for 30 minutes. Use plastic cap with or without a dryer. However, for best results use a dryer.


Thando Kafele will be at the Jane Carter Solution booth (#121) at the Bronner Bros. Hair Show to provide expert tips and will be demonstrating techniques on different models each day of the event. Stop by and say hello to the Lock Star!

Fall Deeply In Love with YOU



Happy Valentine’s Week to you! Valentine’s Day is not only made for celebrating your love’s presence in your life or an excuse to eat heart-shaped and sweet; it’s also a mirror that reflects your special treats, helping you fall head over heels for yourself. On your never ending  journey of self-love, you will deal with and learn how to move past your fears, remove obstacles that stand in your way, let go of the past, give and receive forgiveness, bring acceptance to your body, step out in faith, and fill your life with love, beauty, faith and gratitude.

Self-love only comes with a willingness to let go of the past and move forward with a renewed sense of hope and self. By telling your reflection in the mirror that yes, you’re willing to change; you’ll create that openness of your heart and mind you need to fall head over heels for yourself. You’ll start to celebrate the strengths and achievements that testify to you being a whole and healthy person, singled or non-single. to create self-worth and happy confidence.

In the end, it all comes down to making a decision. Do you want to love yourself? Do you want to be happy with whom you are or do you want to hold on to a feeling of unworthiness and self-hate? It’s in your hands. You have the power to make that radical change, but you have to choose to do it.


Love Your Hair,


Iconic Women with Iconic Hair


Iconic Women

Giving good hair is a powerful thing! Long hair, short hair, colored hair, weaved hair, shaved hair – don’t care. These ladies are not only known for making headlines and careers, but they have influenced our culture at some time, coiffures that have inspired envy and imitation over the past century. These women unwittingly started pop culture history’s most memorable hair trends with their iconic hairstyles, past and present. Some of these fashionable hairdo’s have faded into obscurity, others have crept back into relevance. Over time style has evolved, thus creating several fashion changing hairstyles; only a few hairstyles become coveted, it takes a woman who truly ‘owns’ a look to make it iconic. At the time it might have felt they were being outlandish, provocative, or that they were pushing buttons but really they just knew who they were and didn’t apologize for it.

One of the beauty hurdles we obsess over is trying to find that perfect hairstyle that make us look (and feel) fantastic! Framing the face, hair is a huge part of our appearance; changing our hair is one of the easiest ways to alter our image, but keeping it the same can cement your signature style. The icons of beauty have stuck by their own looks and found comfort in being themselves. Finding your individual style and being happy with it is such a positive affirmation, especially when individuality tends to get lost in this day and age.

We at Jane Carter Solution promote individuality in women and support all women accepting their hair texture! Ask yourself:

Do I have a signature style?

Am I presenting myself and my hair in a way that’s true to who I really am?

Does my hair make me feel beautiful and empowered?

Let the journey to finding your iconic style start now!

Love Your Hair,