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The holidays are a perfect time to be surrounded by your closest friends and family, and to give and receive Jane Carter Solution products and hair care advice. Don’t let the cold weather months get your hair down- there are many different ways to protect those gorgeous locks. Our all natural hair care products are gentle and work on any hair texture to battle dry, frizzy, and uncontrolled hair. During the holidays, we offer special giveaways and exclusive promo codes for our entire hair care line. Don’t miss your chance to win!

Haute Holiday Hair


From straight and sleek, to intricate braids, sky high topknots and bountiful coils – if there’s one time of year to have a standout hairstyle, it’s the holidays! I love the idea of getting glam and preparing to make a fashionable entrance for the season’s parties and soirees. Festive outfits and hairstyles are part of the holidays whether you join a friendly get-together or a formal party, even the family Christmas dinner calls for a festive appearance.

holiday hair 2013

Whether your hair is short, long or hits right around the shoulders, there’s tons of cute hairstyle options for this holiday season…all requiring the same finishing touch – Jane Carter Solution Natural Hold Spray Gel.


Hairspray should be light and airy but still keep the fly-aways at bay. Jane Carter Solution Natural Hold Spray Gel is an alcohol-free spray that leaves your hair soft to the touch and shiny with a long-lasting hold. Using a light holding spray is essential when battling winter winds to make sure hair stays maintained and in place, all night.

Holiday chic for all hair types and textures!


Love Your Hair,


What to Buy Him This Christmas


You’ve surprised him with a 40-inch TV for his last Christmas, his closet is full with a variety of ties and he owns every power tool available in stores…that time has come again for you to play Santa for the special man in your life. Not sure what gift options to consider? Think grooming!


The average male today is much more involved in maintaining his physical appearance than the man of a few decades ago; gone is the need for only Irish Spring, Vaseline and Old Spice in the medicine cabinet.  Today’s man requires more of a variety of products to maintain and grow healthy hair; A full head of hair is associated with strength, virility and power from a male perspective. Jane Carter Solution Male-Must-Haves include:

Any of these products are bound to fill your love and his stocking with much joy! Pull up the Holiday songs on your iTunes, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, click and shop.


Love Your Hair,


Spread the Word: FREE Shipping


Gift shopping can be a stressful event; especially during the most wonderful time of the year, aka “the season for shipping”). Finding a way to avoid shipping and handling costs can go a long way toward helping you stick to a holiday budget. You won’t have to break the bank to have the perfect gifts for your loved ones delivered, take advantage of these simple options to get free shipping.


No need to wait for a promotional code, no need to wait for Free Shipping Day or a call for last minute shoppers…you can shop now! Deal and discount lovers take note – free shipping will not be hard to find this Holiday season because SHIPPING IS FREE here at Jane Carter Solution until 12/31/2013. That’s right; you get free shipping, and you get free shipping, and everyone gets free shipping! *in my Oprah voice*

You can find something for everyone on your list; Jane Carter Solution is hair care for humanity. Use our Hair Care Prescription option to find the right products for any hair type and texture. Don’t forget to take advantage of the everyday savings on our regimens, everything needed to maintain healthy hair and scalp.


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Avoid Security Shenanigans


Surviving airport security is a traveler’s rite of passage: shuffling through the line, removing your shoes, stripping off all accessories and placing your laptop in a separate bin in preparation for scanning. The goal is to make it through this final step of security with no hiccups, which is all determined by what is in your carry on. There are 3 components to sashaying through TSA quickly – trust me, I am an expert at traveling…and hair care! *wink* 

Trave Kit 

  1. Pack Strategically
    No one wants their personal belongings to be hand inspected, this happens when item are unable to clearly be identified via x-ray scanning. Avoid this by packing strategically in layers; layer your electronics and beauty appliances together in a layer between your clothing. This will keep the wires from becoming one tangled, random mess that may resemble some sort of bomb…take the time to neatly pack.
  2. The Liquid Lingo
    Here is the breakdown: any liquid should be kept in a 3.4-ounce bottle or smaller; you’re only allowed as many bottles as can fit in one quart-size, clear Ziplock bag or clear pouch. Bypass the time and aggravation of purchasing small empty containers to fill with product from your beauty bar, our Jane Carter Solution Travel Kit is all you need to take care of your hair during your Holiday travels. It includes:

    1. Moisture Nourishing Shampoo 2 oz.
    2. Hair Nourishing Serum ampule
    3. Hair Nourishing Cream .25 oz.
    4. Scalp Nourishing Serum ampule
    5. Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner 2 oz.
    6. Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner 2 oz.
    7. Condition & Sculpt 2 oz.
    8. Wrap & Roll 2 oz.
    9. Nourish & Shine 1 oz. 

      Layer your Travel Kit at the top on your bag along with any other beauty products you have packed.

  3. Checkpoint Approved
    Save time by investing in a checkpoint approved laptop. To help streamline the security process and better protect laptops, TSA recently encouraged manufacturers to design bags that will produce a clear and unobstructed image of the laptop when undergoing X-ray screening, allowing laptops to remain in bags for screening.


You’ll breeze through security… don’t forget your shoes!


Love Your Hair,


Halloween Hairstyling


Bwahahahahahaha…let the ghostly ghouls and zombies get you into the Halloween spirit! A perfect Halloween costume is not complete without the right accessories; with just a few added details, you can take a lackluster costume to another level entirely. No need to break the bank when you’ve splurged on a costume, why not save time and money with a DIY hairstyle? No dyes, wigs, or extensions required; if you can dream it, you can re-create it. From Dracula, to the Bride of Frankenstein, to rockers, zombies and lions – let those creative juices flow this Halloween.


The only product that is going to help achieve costume realness is Curl Defining Cream; the styling options are endless. This unique formula provides texture with volume and movement. It’s not sticky and is easy to restyle once applied. Ideal for spiking short and medium hair, you can finger style for the ultimate control. The possibilities are endless; here’s what you need from Jane Carter Solution:

  • Apply Curl Defining Cream to dry hair; use a generous amount and spike hair from front to back
  • Allow to air dry or use a blow dryer

The most important accessory, sans mask, is hair, of course. Just a few simple tricks can transform your look from so-so to so fantastic.

Happy Halloween!


Love Your Hair,


Happy Holidays from Jane Carter Solution


Be filled with wonder;
Be touched by peace;
Believe in the miracle;
Feel the warmth of the Season.

The best part of the Holidays is remembering those who make the holidays meaningful. We wish you all the love and happiness this season can bring. May it follow you throughout the coming year.

Happy Holidays from Jane and the Jane Carter Solution staff!