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If you’re looking for ways to control those curls, check out Jane Carter Solution-hair guru blog. We offer the best hair tips and beauty secrets to keep those curls hydrated and bouncy. Our Curl Defining Cream is ideal for reactivating those luscious curls and our Natural Hold Locking Spray will make sure those curls stay in place and look amazing all day –and night long. Our curly hair products work through each strand to prevent shrinkage, reduce frizz and enhance your gorgeous curls. Jane Carter has developed natural hair products that are weightless, rinse clean, and leave you with flexible, bouncy, and shiny hair. You and your curls will love it!

Shrinkage Be Gone!


It happens often, you spend time styling your wet hair for it to eventually shrink up to a shorter length. (hmph!) You feel frustrated because you want to show off the length that you worked hard for but you know that shrinkage is normal for curlies, especially those with coarser hair types with a tighter curl pattern. Shrinkage has got to be one of the most discussed problem many Naturals face; for many Naturals this is a major reason they choose to stay away from a wash n’ go style.

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Applying heat, stretched styles, banding….they all fight shrinkage, but so does Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream! Composed of shea butter, avocado and jojoba oil, Curl Defining Cream elongates tight curls and defines looser curls without leaving the residue that most curl creams leave on your strands. It dries clean, reduces frizz, defines curl pattern and adds incredible shine to your hair…everything you need to rock your wash n’ go style.

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Visit our YouTube channel for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply Curl Defining Cream to you hair for the perfect wash and wear curls.


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Do You Have the Time to Detangle?


Some days the task of washing and styling hair can feel like a mammoth undertaking. But rushing through the process can be detrimental to our hair. This is especially true for the detangling process.

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It is important to always protect our hair from damage and be gentle when handling our curls. Detangling our hair when we don’t have the time or patience can often result in tugging at knots, leading to breakage. To avoid this choose a day to detangle when you are least busy. Most importantly if you don’t feel like doing your hair don’t force yourself; throw it in a quick and easy protective style like a bun and leave it for another day when you’re not so tired. Try Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner; this lightweight spray will assist you with detangling your hair with ease, leaving hair soft and silky.

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Natural Hold Locking Spray & Spray Gel



Natural Hold Locking Spray and Natural Hold Spray Gel are two wonderful JCS styling products that are alcohol free and will never leave your hair dry and brittle!


Natural Hold Locking Spray is perfect for re-hydrating your twists and locks and it will help you maintain the look of freshly twisted hair.


Natural Hold Spray Gel is water based and great for soft or stiff curls and excellent for flat-ironing because it will protect your hair from heat damage while smoothing the cuticle and adding shine.


Jane Carter Solution – great for your hair, great for the planet!


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Mixology Refreshed Hair

Reactivate your Curls

Curl Defining Cream + Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner = Refreshed Hair

Rather than reapplying our fantastic Curl Defining Cream on the second day simply reactivate the Curl Defining Cream by gently misting with Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner! Spritz, fingerstyle, and GO!

Introducing Curl Defining Cream


Curl Defining Cream

We are proud to introduce the newest member in the Jane Carter Solution product line, Curl Defining Cream.

If you have naturally curly hair this is the product for YOU!  Apply Curl Defining Cream to wet hair that has been spritzed with Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner, and work through each strand to prevent shrinkage, reduce frizz and enhance your gorgeous curls.  Curl Defining Cream is weightless, rinses clean and leaves you with flexible, bouncy, shiny hair!

You and your curls will love Curl Defining Cream.

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Jane Carter

Curl Defining Cream


We are thrilled to welcome the latest addition to the Jane Carter Solution product line…

~ Curl Defining Cream ~

define these curls

What is Curl Defining Cream and why will I love it?  You’ll love it because Curl Defining Cream is:

  • all natural alternative that will define and elongate curls
  • non-sticky
  • light weight
  • will not attract dusk
  • water soluble – it washes and dries clean, without any film
  • adds shine

In celebration of the upcoming September launch, we’re giving away samples of our fabulous Curl Defining Cream with each August order (while supplies last).

…Take advantage of this offer and place your order NOW!

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