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This section features interviews with the top men and women from within the beauty industry. If you’re looking for the hottest trends, best kept beauty secrets, and what the buzz is all about, look no further then Jane Carter Solution hair care guru blog. Straight for the source, these beauty interviews will teach you all you need to know about retailers, manufacturers, and industry experts.

Thando Kafele: Advice from the Lock Star


Natural Hair During Colder Weather

A of my clients are more concerned with their style options, and are not convinced that natural hair provides versatility and beauty. Protective styling is very important during the winter months; both locks and other styles will need a large amount of moisture to stay healthy in the colder months.

Conditioning Your Locks

A lot of stylists don’t stress the importance of conditioning natural hair and locks. There is a misconception that conditioner will loosen up the locks. Hair needs more moisture in cold weather and hair and scalp treatments are very important.

How to Use Products at Home

Clients need to leave the salon with products and a follow up regimen. I suggest using a hooded hair steamer with Nourish & Shine cocktailed with Scalp Nourishing Serum, and then sit the client under the steamer for 10-15 minutes. If you don’t have a steamer you can do the same treatment using a plastic cap for 30 minutes. Use plastic cap with or without a dryer. However, for best results use a dryer.


Thando Kafele will be at the Jane Carter Solution booth (#121) at the Bronner Bros. Hair Show to provide expert tips and will be demonstrating techniques on different models each day of the event. Stop by and say hello to the Lock Star!

Happy Independence Day


Independence = self determination.
Happy fourth of JulyTrue independence requires self-direction and action by you in order to develop confidence and self-reliance.

It is our right to choose our path personally, intellectually and spiritually – toward liberation and freedom. These are our choices. This is our freedom. Own it!

The cost of your independence may be high – the payoff…is definitely worth it!

Happy Independence Day!

Love Your Hair,
Jane Carter

“Independence is Happiness”


“Independence is Happiness”

~ Susan B Anthony ~

Sometimes you just have to declare your own independence. Demand it!

Strong and Independent WomenAssert your freedom from:

  • stuff
  • relationships that no longer ‘work’
  • unhealthy behaviors
  • too much self-involvement
  • your daily routine
  • watching hours of mind-numbing soul-sucking TV,
  • the fear that you just might fail if you try…but if you never try…you’ll never know!

Freedom? How? Be kind, respectful, loving, gracious, make smart choices (they are the hardest), say ‘no’ to your children (it’s okay ), say ‘yes’ to your children (it’s okay), love your partner, learn something new each day, be generous with your smile and with your time.

No whining, now…take a deep breath, turn your face to the sun and walk the goddess walk…and be happy!

Love your Hair,
Jane Carter Solution

Financial Independence


Independent Women

Women need to be smart about their own finances.  Why?

  • Women earn less
  • Live longer
  • Spend fewer years in the work force

It is imperative that women be able to stand on their own financially (40% of married women say they don’t know how much they have saved for retirement).

A woman should identify her financial goals by asking herself:

  • How much money do I need to save for short-time goals – emergency funds, a new car, etc.? How should that money be invested?
  • How much do I need to save for long term goals – college for kids, retirement?
  • How much should I save each year? What kinds of investments will help me reach my goals?
  • Do I need a retirement plan separate from my spouse?
  • Do I have my own business?  Am I contributing to SEP IRA?
  • Do I have a will and an estate plan? Is it up-to-date?
  • Do I have a current health care directive?
  • Do I have a durable power of attorney?
  • Should I have a trust?  Is my house listed as part of my trust?
  • Am I interested in charitable gifting?

Answering these questions is the first step in helping you decide where you need to be financially – today, in five years, and in retirement; married or single, divorced or widowed.   Work with a financial professional to develop a financial strategy; whether you are just starting out, building your family, or planning for retirement.

Whoever you choose, don’t sign anything during your first meeting.  Talk to them.  Are they listening to you?  Are they answering your questions in a way that you can understand?  Are they impatient?  Are they concerned about getting your accounts open TODAY?  Do you feel that they have your best interest at heart?  You work hard for your money – don’t give it away to the first person you meet with – interview several financial advisors and find one that fits your needs.

Save for a rainy day, spend wisely on things you really need, and keep a hopeful outlook for your financial future.

Love Your Hair,

Jane Carter Solution

Declare Your Independence…In No Particular Order


natural and strong women
The concept of “independence” has been on my mind with the 4th of July quickly approaching.  Independence is a form of freedom; possessing the power to act or speak without externally imposed restraints. All women should embrace and cherish their independence.

ALL women should live free! Not sure if you are or how to declare your independence?  Here’s my checklist, in no particular order:

  • Individual freedom and personal responsibility
  • Allows neither man nor woman to affect her stability or self-confidence
  • Confidence in her own powers
  • Be a woman of integrity
  • Think like a judge, don’t accept information for which you have no solid evidence
  • Think like a scientist, seek out answers yourself
  • Think like a mathematician, use logic
  • Define who and what you are for yourself
  • Know your abilities and potential, think of them whenever you doubt yourself
  • Understand that healthy relationships involving wanting to be with the other person – not needing them
  • Aim to gain your power from your own strength, not your own or others’ weaknesses

It’s the way you face life that makes a difference!

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Love Your Hair,

Jane Carter