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Let’s face it- we are all different…especially when it comes to hair and skin care. With all of the harmful chemicals and additives in today’s shampoo and beauty products, you are at risk for damaging your hair and scalp. Jane Carter has developed an all-natural hair care line for people of all hair types-straight, curly, dry or ethnic hair. No matter the weather, these hair care products are designed to give your hair the love it deserves. If you’re looking for a solution to keep your ethnic hair strong and shiny, check out what Jane Carter suggests.
Article written by Jane Carter for Happi Magazine about the ethnic hair care industry.

Master the Twist Out


Frizz, dullness and lifeless tresses are always ready to hijack a style.

Perfect your Twist Out with these tips, just remember – the bigger the twists the wavier and bigger the hair. The smaller the twists the curlier and more refined. Follow these tips:

Define: Tighten coils as you go, this will add better curl definition when you un-twist your twists. Halfway through twisting, pull ends apart to tighten and continue.

Minimize Shrinkage: Ensure length by applying Curl Defining Cream to each section, prior to twisting. At the end, pull twists downward and secure the roots with a bobby pin. As hair dries, it will maintain the length.

High Shine: Hair should is completely dry before you begin to unravel. To eliminate frizz, lightly coat fingers with Nourish & Shine, and twirl hair around your fingers as you separate.

In the end, you can get a great twist out with little frizz. You just have to keep at it. Practice makes perfect, curlies. Practice makes perfect!


Tips For Transitioners


Transitioning is about learning to accept and adore the texture you were born with!

First, you must accept and understand that it takes time to transition…this is no overnight process ladies. Natural hair is on-trend, but it takes a little more than just the desire to look fabulous – naturally. It’s a journey full of highs and lows, emotions and “interesting” hair days. You just need to remember that transitioning hair is more susceptible to breakage, m-o-i-s-t-u-r-e is essential on your journey!



Follow these tips:
• Keep your scalp clean.
• Deep condition weekly.
• Avoid harsh combing or brushing; detangle with conditioner while hair is wet.
• Hydrate from root to tip.
• Limit heat usage.
• Textured styles are your best friend.
• Trim end every 4-6 weeks.
Let your strands do their own thing during this process and control with a textured, protective style; try as many as you can, a girl can never have too many go to styles in your bag of tricks. Don’t forget, your job is simply to provide support. (and moisture!!!)

Natural Hold Locking Spray & Spray Gel



Natural Hold Locking Spray and Natural Hold Spray Gel are two wonderful JCS styling products that are alcohol free and will never leave your hair dry and brittle!


Natural Hold Locking Spray is perfect for re-hydrating your twists and locks and it will help you maintain the look of freshly twisted hair.


Natural Hold Spray Gel is water based and great for soft or stiff curls and excellent for flat-ironing because it will protect your hair from heat damage while smoothing the cuticle and adding shine.


Jane Carter Solution – great for your hair, great for the planet!


Buy Natural Hold Locking Spray and Natural Hold Spray Gel and receive 20% off your order.

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Much Ado About Straightening: Old School Salons Face New Rivals


Women are being seduced by the Dominican Blowout across the country. The new “rivals” offer promises of quicker service, lower prices for services, and seemingly healthier hair. Some argue that the Dominican Blowout leads to severe hair breakage while other claim that it helps to extend the life of their relaxer.

What’s your stance on this issue?

Curl Defining Cream


We are thrilled to welcome the latest addition to the Jane Carter Solution product line…

~ Curl Defining Cream ~

define these curls

What is Curl Defining Cream and why will I love it?  You’ll love it because Curl Defining Cream is:

  • all natural alternative that will define and elongate curls
  • non-sticky
  • light weight
  • will not attract dusk
  • water soluble – it washes and dries clean, without any film
  • adds shine

In celebration of the upcoming September launch, we’re giving away samples of our fabulous Curl Defining Cream with each August order (while supplies last).

…Take advantage of this offer and place your order NOW!

Love your Hair,

Jane Carter

Summer Hair Series


Say goodbye to cold winds and hello to wonderful sunshine! Are you ready for sun-filled days of beach outings, barbecuing, and plenty of diversion from the usual routine? The heat of the summer months makes most eager to play down the time spent in the mirror while maintaining healthy hydrated hair.

Summer hair series

Summer hair styles are all about being comfortable, quick, and easy. This is the season of frizzing, flopping, and everything in between that drives us insane! Got questions about summer hair? You’ll find the answers here…welcome to the Jane Carter Solution Summer Hair Series!

Welcome to the Jane Carter Solution Summer Hair Series! Join me here every Tuesday on the Ask Jane Blog for the next 8 weeks, I’ll be discussing the secrets to getting perfect summer tresses. Check back every week for haircare tips, fabulous hairstyles, and haute accessories.

Love your Hair,
Jane Carter Solution