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Product Spotlight Regimen 4 Dry Scalp Repair


…and now a little something for those of you who have been having too much fun in the sun this summer at the expense of your hair and scalp. 

Restore your scalp and nourish your hair with our wonderful Regimen 4 – Dry Scalp Repair.  This fabulous group of Jane Carter Solution products includes:  Scalp Renew, Moisture Nourishing Shampoo, Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner, Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner, Nourish & Shine, and Scalp Nourishing Serum .

Use year round, your hair and scalp will be healthy and luxurious in no time!

Personal Bill of Rights


Sometimes there can be periods in our lives when we can lack confidence, question our self-worth or have difficulty asserting ourselves and possibly even questions our right to take up space in this world. Is it caused by outside forces?

There are many things that we also must learn to let go of in order to progress: situations, things, memories, and the most difficult of them all – people.

Is there someone in your life that you are giving the power to affect your emotional outlook on life? Then it’s time detachment time. It’s imperative to develop and maintain a safe, emotional distance from this person who is controlling you. People, places, or things which control you are the uncontrollables and unchangables that you need to let go of if you are to become a fully healthy, coping individual.

Each person has the right …………
… to express what he or she feels or thinks
… to tell the truth
… to be trusted and believed
… to be listened to and be understood
… to admit weakness without being ridiculed
… to express his or her needs and desires and to be taken seriously
… to be heard in the context of the moment without being reminded of the past
… to grow
… to seek help, friendship and support
… to be forgiven

Can Smoking Affect My Hair?


I guess it’s silly for me to tell you that smoking is bad for your health. Who doesn’t know that?

So how are smoking and hair loss related to each another? The simple answer is, the more you smoke, the more hair you are going to lose.

Obvious health risks aside, our curls lose strength under the chokehold of tobacco; nicotine and carbon monoxide – substances found in cigarettes – restrict the flow of blood and oxygen and nutrients to the body’s extremities, including the hair follicles, which go into their telegone (dormant) phase. Because your hair does not get the right amount of the vital nutrients, your hair becomes unhealthy and may also break off.

Not only your smoking habit affects the look and smell of your hair, it can also make your hair break off.

Did I add that smoking ages you, hair loss and wrinkles?!?  You decide.

Who’s the Boss?


Frazzled by your dry, frizzy, or uncontrollable curls? You’ve come to the right place! I speak all things hair and yours is calling out for some m-o-i-s-t-u-r-e.

Keeping frizz under control and define curls are always the goal. The way to do this is to keep the hair moisturized and using anti-frizz styling products that will lock in your natural curl pattern.

Start with combing out the tangles with a paddle brush, in the shower while conditioner is still in your hair. Most damage done to your hair occurs during the wet combing stage as hair is very elastic when it is wet and stretches easily. This creates split ends and cuticle damage! When the cuticle layer is cracked or chipped your hair does not hold moisture as long.

Here is the Jane Carter Solution formula for wash n’ wear hair with perfectly defined curls with bounce and shine!

Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream is weightless, rinses clean, and leaves you with flexible, bouncy, shiny hair!

Now go show your curls who the boss is!

As promised, your Summer Hair Regimen is here!


Featuring Regimen 3-B:  Color-Treated or Relaxed Hair for Fine to Medium Hair Textures

Although we remember to care for our skin during the blistering hot summer weather, we tend to overlook the damage that sun causes to color-treated hair.    Don’t let your gorgeous color-treated mane fade in the sun and heat.  Regimen 3-B:  Color-Treated or Relaxed Hair for Fine to Medium Hair Textures has all you need to moisturize and condition your hair.   

The 3-B Regimen:  Color-Treated or Relaxed Hair for Fine to Medium Hair Textures includes:
● Moisture Nourishing Shampoo 8 oz.
● Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner 8 oz.
● Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner 8 oz.            
● Hair Nourishing Serum 2 oz.                                                                       
● Hair Nourishing Cream (an ultra-light cream)

This week we are not only offering Regimen 3-B:  Color-Treated or Relaxed Hair for $10 off the regular retail price of $65, but shipping is FREE!!!!!!  Use coupon code COLORREG at checkout.  Offer valid online only at and for RETAIL orders only.  Offer expires 7/31/2012

No Heat Necessary


You have washed your hair, prayed, conditioned, prayed, conditioned again and prayed a little more…hoping that you have escaped the damages of heat!

The number one complaint or problem with using heat on our delicate hair is heat damage. Using too high of a setting for a straight style can ‘melt’ the protein in the hair and the hair will lose its ability to curl.  If applying water does not make the hair revert back to your natural texture, then you have heat damage.
Try these tips to avoid unnecessary heat:

Air Drying
Air drying the hair instead of sitting under the hooded dryer or blow-dryer is an excellent way to dry our Natural hair.  If you are worried about frizz, don’t be.  Applying Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner will alleviate frizz, along with smoothing the cuticle and making the hair soft. 

Roller Set
It’s not necessary to apply heat from the hooded dryer for a good smooth roller or rod set.  Revitalizing Leave- In Conditioner with Wrap & Roll will give your roller or rod set the finish it needs to be shiny as well as smooth.

Deep Conditioning
Hop off the bandwagon of believing deep conditioning needing heat – NOT SO! You can deep condition with Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner using the steam from the shower or even placing a plastic cap on your head. Additionally, the heat from your body will help penetrate the conditioner into the hair shafts. 

Style responsibility ladies and just say “NO” to heat when you can!