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Have You Heard?


A new 6 ounce size of Curl Defining Cream at Target stores this past August. You’ve waited so patiently and the time has almost arrived….the new size will be available on the JCS website at the end of October. Even better, we will be extending the introductory price of $15 for a limited time! (get excited)

Curl Defining Cream is the newest product added to the Jane carter Solution product line, designed to lengthen and enhance natural curl pattern. Wash and wear hair made easy by reducing frizz to reveal flexible, bouncy curls with a clean, touchable, shiny finish.

TSA Hair Search – Part 2


Last week, Dallas hairstylist Isis Brantley was halted during a trip through the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta due to the size of her natural hair. Brantley’s hair, which is a big, beautiful afro, became a source of humiliation rather than pride which it usually is for her.

After leaving the designated security area, she was approached by two TSA agents on her way to board her flight and asked she had had her hair searched before leaving the area. When she told them she hadn’t, the agents proceeded to give her hair an inspection that included a pat down and feeling Brantley’s scalp on the spot instead of taking her to a private area where personal screenings take place.

Have you experienced any issues with TSA?



Hair Nourishing Cream is the perfect multi-use product.  A light oil and water emulsion, it can be used on hair and skin!  Ideal for all hair types and textures, Hair Nourishing Cream leaves everything it touches feeling moisturized and renewed.  Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural or just trying to add bit of shine – this product is ideal for men, women and kids!   

Transitioning Tips


Transitioning to natural hair can be a challenging, frightening process…to be honest, the “big chop” sounds scary! One of the biggest issues for you may be what hairstyles you can turn to during this period.

There are going to be ‘dos that are simpler for transitioning hair, while others will be hard to maintain and will probably lead to frustration. The easiest styles will either highlight your new, curly texture or protect your hair in some fashion instead of hairdos that force you to deal with two very different textures.

Here are a few tips from our friends at Naturally Curly, click here to read 3 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair.

Destiny Quest


“Your destiny is never found in another’s footsteps.”

No one can follow precisely in another person’s footsteps, although we can learn from one another by observation and communication. Each of us has to follow his or her own path and destiny, yet all paths ultimately lead to the same place. It’s okay if your path doesn’t look like everybody else’s.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.

Remember, you nourish your soul by fulfilling your destiny!


Jane Carter Solution products are for everyone. Whether styling your weave or caring for your own hair under a weave…hair is hair and we’ve got exactly what you need!

  • Revitalizing Leave-In – lightweight, great for detangling, can be used on your hair as a heat protectant
  • Condition & Sculptsmoothes and lays down edges, locks in curls in wet & wavy weaves
  • Scalp Renew – pre-shampoo treatment that can be applied between tracks to cleanse/exfoliate scalp
  • Wrap & Roll – helps to blend your natural hair into the weave
  • Nourish & Shinehydrate a dry scalp, can be applied sparingly between tracks