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Financial Independence


Independent Women

Women need to be smart about their own finances.  Why?

  • Women earn less
  • Live longer
  • Spend fewer years in the work force

It is imperative that women be able to stand on their own financially (40% of married women say they don’t know how much they have saved for retirement).

A woman should identify her financial goals by asking herself:

  • How much money do I need to save for short-time goals – emergency funds, a new car, etc.? How should that money be invested?
  • How much do I need to save for long term goals – college for kids, retirement?
  • How much should I save each year? What kinds of investments will help me reach my goals?
  • Do I need a retirement plan separate from my spouse?
  • Do I have my own business?  Am I contributing to SEP IRA?
  • Do I have a will and an estate plan? Is it up-to-date?
  • Do I have a current health care directive?
  • Do I have a durable power of attorney?
  • Should I have a trust?  Is my house listed as part of my trust?
  • Am I interested in charitable gifting?

Answering these questions is the first step in helping you decide where you need to be financially – today, in five years, and in retirement; married or single, divorced or widowed.   Work with a financial professional to develop a financial strategy; whether you are just starting out, building your family, or planning for retirement.

Whoever you choose, don’t sign anything during your first meeting.  Talk to them.  Are they listening to you?  Are they answering your questions in a way that you can understand?  Are they impatient?  Are they concerned about getting your accounts open TODAY?  Do you feel that they have your best interest at heart?  You work hard for your money – don’t give it away to the first person you meet with – interview several financial advisors and find one that fits your needs.

Save for a rainy day, spend wisely on things you really need, and keep a hopeful outlook for your financial future.

Love Your Hair,

Jane Carter Solution

Declare Your Independence…In No Particular Order


natural and strong women
The concept of “independence” has been on my mind with the 4th of July quickly approaching.  Independence is a form of freedom; possessing the power to act or speak without externally imposed restraints. All women should embrace and cherish their independence.

ALL women should live free! Not sure if you are or how to declare your independence?  Here’s my checklist, in no particular order:

  • Individual freedom and personal responsibility
  • Allows neither man nor woman to affect her stability or self-confidence
  • Confidence in her own powers
  • Be a woman of integrity
  • Think like a judge, don’t accept information for which you have no solid evidence
  • Think like a scientist, seek out answers yourself
  • Think like a mathematician, use logic
  • Define who and what you are for yourself
  • Know your abilities and potential, think of them whenever you doubt yourself
  • Understand that healthy relationships involving wanting to be with the other person – not needing them
  • Aim to gain your power from your own strength, not your own or others’ weaknesses

It’s the way you face life that makes a difference!

To celebrate your independence, please enjoy a 20% OFF coupon.  Str0ngwomn

Love Your Hair,

Jane Carter

Transition Style


Congratulations on beginning your journey to natural hair!

natural curly hair

One of the hardest things about growing out relaxed hair is converting from a relaxed style to a natural style. Once the new growth is an inch or so long, you really begin to notice the transition between the natural hair and the relaxed or permed hair.

You’ll want a hairstyle that is gentle and protects your hair. The hair is fragile where the new growth and permed hair meet and a terrific style during this transition stage is called The Straw Set. This hair style protects the hair by minimizing strain on the place where the hair is most vulnerable because you simply “finger comb” your hair.
Here’s what you will need:

  • A pack of plastic drinking straws (for slightly larger and looser curls, use small perm rods- available at any beauty supply stores)
  • End papers
  • Bobby pins

Step 1:     Shampoo with Moisture Nourishing Shampoo and condition with Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner,
blot with a towel

Step 2:      Saturate with Wrap & Roll

Step 3:      Part your hair into ¼ to ½ inch sections

Step 4:      Apply papers to the ends of hair

Step 5:      Roll your hair onto the straws or perm rods and secure it with a hair pin

Step 6:      Dry your hair under a hooded dryer

Step 7:      Gently remove the straws and separate the curls

Step 8:      Finger comb through curls with Nourish & Shine

Love Your Hair,

Jane Carter Solution Jane Carter

Happy Father’s Day


As a woman, your relationship with your father is one of the most important and profound relationships you will ever have. It’s immense. Not only does it shape the development of our personalities, values, and behaviors but it’s where you create a context for your relationships with all of the men in your life.

Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution

My father was 6’2”, slim, and looked great in suits. He walked slowly, he talked slowly, and I never remember hearing him raise his voice or spanking me…although I’m sure there were times when he was tempted. He left that task up to my mother who gladly stepped in and got the job done!

My relationship with my father was rooted in trust, respect, and the love that we had for each other. He always made me to feel safe and empowered and I knew how important I was to him. These are the qualities that I seek in all the relationships with the men in my life. I may not remember every experience that I had with my father but I remember how I felt.

Maya Angelou says it so accurately,

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”.

Happy Father’s Day!

Jane Carter Solution

Men’s’ Corner


mens hairThe secret to great looking hair is in the products that you use. Ethnic men’s hair is prone to dryness and also has a tendency to be brittle, requiring products formulated to enhance the natural health and condition of the hair. Jane Carter Solution has what you need gentlemen; quick and effective hair care products.

A healthy scalp is vital, it promotes healthy hair growth. Hair Regimen 4 not only conditions and moisturizes dry hair and scalp but it includes a scalp treatment that stimulates hair growth in those thinning areas. It’s an in and out the shower kind of treatment, it will easily fit into your existing routine.

  • Scalp Renew – pre shampoo scalp treatment great for stimulating hair growth by cleansing and exfoliating the scalp
  • Moisture Nourishing Shampoo
  • Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner
  • Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner
  • Nourish & Shine
  • Scalp Nourishing Serum – a scalp nourisher that soothes dry scalp

Looking for styling products? We’ve got that too! Try Hair Nourishing Cream for daily moisturizer and adds shine to dull hair. Wrap & Roll is perfect for enhancing natural curl without a hard, crunchy finish. Twist & Lock is made of all natural butters, vitamins, and essential oils; perfect both twists and locks.

Love Your Hair,
Jane Carter

If It Feels Wrong, It Is Wrong


When I was twelve years old, my Father was the Program Director for an organization called The American Guild of Authors and Composers, AGAC as he referred to it. AGAC protected the rights and royalties of musicians, writers, and composers. He went back into the music archives and took on many legal battles with law firms that were collecting royalties for people like Billy Holiday, who sold the rights to her songs for drugs.  He knew that people like her and multiple others during the Harlem Renaissance were completely taken advantage of by entertainment attorneys.  He was sort of the “Robin Hood” of the jazz music industry.  I was proud of him and he was proud of himself.
Jane Carter Solution products for men
Watching my Father’s endless effort, I learned from him to always do the right thing. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. Always protect those at a disadvantage; it’s your social and human responsibility.  My Father never thought he was a hero, but to many people he was. To him he was just doing his job with integrity.

Love Your Hair,
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