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Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution

Jane Carter Solution
wants to ensure that your online experience is like no other.  You have the questions and we have the answers!  Let us provide the perfect prescription for your hair and scalp via
LiveChat .

Whether you want to add a fabulous leave-in conditioner to your current hair care process or treat your hair to an entire Jane Carter Solution hair regimen, we’re here for you ever step of the way. Allow our trained Hair Care Specialists to answer your questions and make product suggestions based on your specific needs…twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Simply click on the “QUESTIONS” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen for instant, live help!

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We’re spreading the word…AGAIN!


…about the same amazing high-performance products at the same preferred shopping destination… featured at a new location within the store.

 We are thrilled to announce that Jane Carter Solution hair care line will continue to be available at your local
TARGET store thru August! And thanks to your continued support, you’ll be able to find your favorite Jane Carter Solution products nestled on the shelves of the Ethnic Hair Care aisle.
 TARGET is showcasing the following:
  • Scalp Serum
  • Nourish and Shine
  • Moisture Shampoo
  • Nutrient Conditioner
  • Wrap and Roll
  • Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner

Travel Kit Jane Carter Solution

 As a very special Thank You, all customers who purchase $50 or more of Jane Carter Solution products from any TARGET store will receive a FREE “Come Fly with Me” Travel Kit worth $25! Simply email a scanned copy of your receipt to

 Remember to include your name and shipping address. 


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To All Stylists


I am always recharged after the opportunity to chat “one-on-one” with stylists and being able to provide the “solution” your clients need is always an honor. click here

It was great seeing all of the stylists and students at the International Hair and Beauty Show at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey this past Sunday and Monday.

Thank you for loving Jane Carter Solution and for loving hair!I invite you all to visit our website for additional product information, new product releases, the Ask Jane Blog, and to access the Stylist/Salon/Store section. Not registered?

Simply Here’s what’s coming for the professional stylist community:
• Text-message updates and invites
• BlogTalk Radio series
• Continuing education
• Tips & Techniques
• Stylist events (New Jersey and Atlanta)

As always, we can be reached at 1-877-HAIRCARE (1-877-424-7227) for additional assistance.  

Love Your Hair,

Tell Your Stylist!



  We would like to invite you to Tell Your Stylist!




The Jane Carter Solution – is committed to providing all natural products as well as educating product users and stylists, but we need your help!


Share your stylist and salon information and we will extend an invitation to your stylist to become a certified Natural Product Specialist. Simply follow the link here.

We’re so certain they will appreciate the referral that we want to give you this 10% off coupon to show our appreciation.

As always, if you have questions regarding any of our products, click the Live Chat button on our website for immediate interactive communication.


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Jane Carter  

Use coupon code: 10%OFF-Stylist at the checkout to receive 10% off your purchase of Jane Carter Solution Products. Click Here to start shopping  
Offer expires 6/10/10


Sometimes Drastic Results Require Drastic Measures


Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution Natural Hair

When I was 15 years old, I had a conversation with my mother on a Friday night. During the conversation, I stupidly minimized the fact that most of my friends smoked pot. What did I say that for?!? My mother told me to call all of them up and tell them, that I would no longer be attending Plainfield High School with them because it was not in my best academic or social interest. 


I hoped that she was just being dramatic but first thing Monday morning she began to research private schools…three weeks later I was in Gill St. Bernard’s. At the time it didn’t seem like such a great idea to me, however, it was the first time that I had an academically successful school year. My mother explained to me that “on her watch, there was no way that I was not going to turn out to be all that I could be”.


It was the right choice, that experience changed my life. My mother taught me never to give up on your children. If you expect much, they will produce much and sometimes drastic results require drastic measures. My children call her “gansta”…it would be an honor for my future grandchildren to refer to me as the same!

Be Unstoppable


I had been riding horses for a few years but when I was thirteen years old I decided that I wanted horseback riding lessons. The riding gear was very expensive as were the lessons. My mother explained to me that we had a weekly food budget; if we didn’t eat for three weeks then we could afford the lessons. She also said that if I wanted to raise the money myself, she would get me there and back for the lessons. 


This was the beginning of my first business, which was successful. I raised all the money and then some, paid for my lessons and then gave my mother the difference. It was a very empowering time in my life, at thirteen I realized that what I could do was limitless.


My mother taught me to be unstoppable. Are you unstoppable? Have you challenged yourself to go beyond life “as is”, to fulfill your dreams?  The secret of being unstoppable is only revealed to those who long to go beyond who they have been.