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Unsolicited Testimonials


Dear Jane,
I started to use your products about a three weeks ago.  I bought them at Whole Foods Store as recommended by one of the staff. Since then, I have seen very positive results in the growth of my hair.  I have since purchased all of your hair products and I am very pleased with the results.  I have suffered with scalp dermatitis for several years, and your products seem to be the only thing to grow my hair out.  I have seen several doctors and used all prescribed and over-the-counter products with little success.  I would recommend your hair care products to anyone, especially those suffering with scalp dermatitis.
Thank you so very much!!!!!

Nourish n shine is excellent for my clients!

Anika –

I really love the Revitalizing Leave-In. It works for me.

Never tried it on a wash-n-go. Hadn’t thought to b/c I don’t do that too often.

I usually use it on my puffs. It’s awesome! Leaves my hair feeling soft

and moisturized all day. My daughter is in love w/Nourish and Shine.


An Important Lesson In Micheal Jackson Passing


After watching many hours of media coverage on the passing of Michael Jackson, there is one thing about his life that seems glaringly obvious. Michael as well as so many other high profile super stars, seem to get lost in the fact that they are just human beings that came to the planet with a special talent and achieved great success because of their hard work and gifts from The Creator. Somewhere they lose the ability to ground themselves and find some peace within themselves. It is so easy to keep seeking peace and validation from some external situation or material objects that have been acquired as a result of our gifts. Inner peace is a result of having a relationship with The Creator. Listening to your spirit or intuition,will always give you all of the answers that you need and peace that you are seeking. Being authentic and present, as well as loving and forgiving yourself, will keep you spiritually healthy. Unfortunately many of us forget that inner peace comes from being and not doing or having. Viewing Michael’s life from the outside looking in reminds me to stop, breathe and listen from within, in order to live a more grounded, peaceful, joyful life. Understanding that our gift or contribution is not to be confused with or validate who we are, but is simply a function of what we do well. Thank you Michael for the good that you contributed to us, we are sorry that your journey had to end so early.


Jane Carter

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Natural Hair Care Summer Tips


Believe it or not, Summer may be tougher on your hair and scalp than the winter can be. Between the sun, chlorine from the pool, pollen, insects, persperation, salt water, etc., your hair and scalp can take a terrible beating. But their are things that you can do to help. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate is our motto, from both the inside and out. That means drink plenty of water, don’t be afraid to wash your hair as often as you want. You cannot harm your hair by washing too often with Moisture Nourishing Shampoo. (my family washes their hair everyday with it).   Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner is great to use while at the beach, after swimming in the pool, or as a daily hydrator. Mist your hair before leaving the house and before going to bed at night, simply spray Leave In in the air and walk under the mist. A little Nourish & Shine before the pool or after the sun will seal your cuticle and protect your hair.  It will have your hair very happy! I

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