Daily Hydration & Moisturization

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hydrating your hair.

Hydrating your hair properly prevents unnecessary breakage, dryness, dullness and frizz.
Just as water is necessary to hydrate your skin, it is also just as important for your hair.
Hydrated hair is more porous and has a greater ability to absorb nutrients."
-  Jane Carter, CEO/Founder of Jane Carter Solution.

Our products actually improve the health of your hair.
• Improve elasticity
• Increase shine
• Seal the cuticle
• Pure essential oils penetrate hair and scalp to strengthen hair and soothe scalp

Moisturizing is a two-part process:
• Hydrating with a water-based product is Step 1.
• Sealing with a natural butter or natural-based oil is Step 2


Water based hydrators:  Mist daily, use liberally as needed

Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner |lightest| fine/medium hair
Quench |moderately light| medium/coarse hair
Moisture Mist |heaviest| medium/coarse hair

Then seal in moisture with an oil based sealer: Use a tiny amount, a little goes a long way

Hair Nourishing Serum |lightest| all hair types
Hair Nourishing Cream |moderately light| fine/medium hair | kids detangling
Hydrate Creamy Leave in Styling Smoother |moderately heavy| medium/coarse hair
Seal & Shine |moderately heavy| medium/coarse hair
Nourish & Shine |heaviest| medium/coarse hair