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I have Curly Hair

My hair challenges

  • Curls lose definition
  • My hair is Frizzy when its humid
  • Maintaning Moisture

How to Style your Curly hair 

Wash & Wear

Select the look you want, to receive step by step styling how to's and product prescription.

Curly to Straight

Curly hair is a beautiful natural hair style that is easier and less expensive to maintain compared with expensive chemical treatments, weaves and other salon services. With the right cut and curly hair treatment products, your hair will look and feel great. At Jane Carter Solution, we offer the best products for curly hair to cleanse, condition, nourish and style the hair.


We have individual products for wavy or curly hair, as well as our curly hair regimen that includes five products that are designed to make wavy curly hair look fantastic. If you are interested in more than one kinky hair product, you can save money by purchasing the products as a set through our online store.


Our curly hair regimen includes five products to cleanse, condition, and style your wavy or curly hair. The regimen consists of the moisture nourishing shampoo, nutrient replenishing conditioner, revitalizing leave-in conditioner, condition & sculpt and Nourish & Shine products to hydrate your curly hair and make your hair look its best.


Browse our website to find the best products for curly hair and natural hair care and styling techniques. Read more about the quality natural ingredients, including natural butters, essential oils, vitamins and plant and herbal ingredients. When you find the curly hair product that best fits your needs, place your order online for fast shipping directly to your home. If you have any questions about our products or need assistance, please contact us.