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Wrap and Roll (8 oz)

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Wrap and Roll (8 oz)

smooth styles and taming fly aways

Wrap and Roll (8 oz)
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Wrap & Roll is the best soft mousse, setting and wrapping product available on the market today. It dries clean and soft without leaving any residue. Great for dry color-treated or damaged hair, the natural glycerides, essential oils and moisturizers leave your hair soft and shiny. Cut dryer time in half by applying Wrap & Roll liberally to wet hair, then wrap/set and dry as usual or let it dry naturally.

Product Usage:

1. Wrap & Roll never flakes or dries crunchy.

2. Wonderful to use when light hold is needed.

3. Use for wrapping, roller setting, or rod setting

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Tips & Techniques:

1. Dries soft and clean and is ideal for lock styling.

2. Perfect for weaves or chemically treated hair.

3. Minimizes the use of additional heat appliance and allows you to lower the temperature setting.

4. If you’re in a hurry, simply apply Wrap & Roll and let it air dry.


Wrap and Roll (8 oz)
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Wrap and Roll (8 oz)
Wrap & roll product review11/15/2013
By Chynna Harris
I used the wrap & roll for the first time last night to do a twist out. I moisturizerd and sealed first before applying the wrap & roll foam and began my twists. I must say I was quite pleased with the results when I separated my twists this morning, my hair was nice and moisturized, shiny and not dry or dull looking, my hair feels real light and not heavy from the products used. I let my twists air dry overnight (only slept for about 4 1/2 hours and I wasn't sure how dry my hair would be when it was time for the take down but when I took down my twists my hair was completely dry) There's definitely been a lot of trial and error with my twist outs and trying to find the right hair products to get the results I'm looking for and since purchasing jane carter wrap & roll and twist out foam, I've gotten the best results thus far so i would definitely repurchase this product and I plan to as soon as it starts getting low (thumbs up)
Wrap and Roll (8 oz)
Wonderful Product 08/27/2013
By Nicole
I have very kinky, coily, natural hair (4B/C) and I've stayed away from roller sets in the past because my hair would come out frizzy, crunchy, or dry. I got this in a sample pack from Target and decided to give it a go. I am amazed at how well my hair turned out. I used it on damp hair with satin-covered sponge rollers, and let it dry overnight. This product made my hair very smooth and shiny, which is normally hard for me to achieve. It left my hair very soft but still had enough hold for my curls to last for days. No flakes, no crunch, no drying out my hair. I would normally have to blow out my hair, then roll it to achieve this look. Needless to say I'm very impressed and I'll be wearing roller sets more often.
Wrap and Roll (8 oz)
Great Product09/04/2014
By A Guy
OK, so I am probably not the typical customer for this product- I am a 50 year old Caucasian male with thinning hair. I discovered this product at my Whole Foods, but they stopped carrying it, so I began ordering it here. I have always used mousse and gel, but wanted a product that was natural and not too heavy or sticky, and this is it. It keeps my hair where I want it without leaving a sticky or flaky residue, and I like that it doesn't have all those unpronouncable chemicals. People have commented how soft my hair looks, and that is with product in. It makes my hair look like it has no product in it, which is ideally what you want.