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Nourish & Shine (4 oz)

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Nourish & Shine (4 oz)

Our BEST seller, great for dry hair and skin

Nourish & Shine (4 oz)
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Description: Editor Choice

Nourish & Shine is a blend of all natural butters with vitamins and essential oils, this remarkable hair nourisher is ideal for medium to coarse hair.

It completely melts into the hair helping to reduce dryness, but never leaves your hair feeling greasy...just looking shiny and healthy!

Fabulous on your hair, fantastic on your skin!

Product Usage:

1. Apply Nourish & Shine after misting with Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner. This combination of products provides true hydration.

2. A Shea butter based emollient; Nourish & Shine is 100% natural and can be used daily on your hair and skin.

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Tips & Techniques:

Blend with Hair Nourishing Serum, Twist & Lock or Hair Nourishing Cream for amazing results.


Nourish & Shine (4 oz)
Average rating:
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Nourish & Shine (4 oz)
Gold Pomade from Heaven10/14/2014
By LaToya
Okay so let me just say I'm so excited this is my first review I ever wrote on a hair product and it just came to me at 2am that I had to gush about my hair staple. I've been natural for 4 years and some how stumbled onto this little pot of gold early on in my hair journey. Let's start with the beautiful yellow color and the amazing smell and the fact that a little goes a long way is wonderful. I tell people about this amazing product all the time but I still feel like its my little black secret to my hair success. It rejuvenates my twist outs every night without fail. I love this product period. -And I have no cons period. After reading the other reviews I can't wait to branch out and try a few of the other products.
Nourish & Shine (4 oz)
Wonderful and Nourishing08/12/2013
By A Dee
I apply this on my ends, nape, and edges, and my feet. I did some research and the Illippe Butter has properties similar to cocoa butter. I must say this. I'd rather buy products from a licensed stylist than any other company out there for my natural hair. I am caring for my hair with many products from this line and I am very impressed. I am striving for healthy natural hair, not curl definition or hold with certain products from this line. I believe that's where many naturals go wrong, because they try to make products do something they weren't made to do. Get to know your hair and try Jane Carter and you'll see.
Nourish & Shine (4 oz)
Absolutely LOVING these products! 05/30/2013
By Caroline
I'm absolutely 100% SOLD on the nourish and shine, and the intensive conditioner!!! The results were instant, particularly with the nourish and shine. I've tried many different hair butters, creams etc in an effort to smooth my crispy ends. Nourish and shine does EXACTLY what it says on the label. Plus... It smells sooooo good! Only a small amount is required for each section of hair- I followed the instructions and now my hair feels so soft. The intensive conditioner is AMAZING! These two products along with the curling cream are now my products of choice.