Natural Hold Spray Gel 8 oz.

Natural Hold Spray Gel 8 oz.

hot curling and flat ironing hair

Natural Hold Spray Gel 8 oz.
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Natural Hold Spray Gel leaves your hair smooth, shiny, and bouncy with long-lasting hold.

This amazing water-based, alcohol-free curling spray put moisture BACK into your hair and protects your hair during heat styling.

Use small amounts for springy curls, a heavier concentration for more hold.

Product Usage:

1. A water-based liquid spray gel, Natural Hold Spray Gel provides amazing hold when using heat appliances.

2. Flip your head over and mist to create volume.

3. For additional root lift, concentrate the spray on your roots and blow dry.

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Tips & Techniques:

1. Terrific for short spikey looks and highly textured styles.

2. Works great when curling fine, straight hair.


Natural Hold Spray Gel 8 oz.
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Natural Hold Spray Gel 8 oz.
Don't want to live without this!
I have way/curly caucasian hair and find that many curly hair products are too heavy and pull the curl out, but this encourages my curls/waves and holds them. It is the best styling product I have found since I grew my hair out a couple of years ago and decided to stop fighting my texture. i panicked about 2 months ago when I thought this was being discontinued and bought about 10 bottles--I do not want to live without this!
Thank you Jane Carter.
(BTW I do not use this for heat styling. I apply it to my wet hair, comb through, scrunch and let air dry. It does dry crunchy, but a quick scrunch with my hands to "crack" the crunch and I have soft, shiny, happy curls and waves.)
Natural Hold Spray Gel 8 oz.
Now we all know and some of use even use Eco Gel..... but this was my first time EVER with a Spray Gel.... It took me a back .. as my grandma would .. At first I sprayed it directly on my hair... not sure if it was me or the spray. So the next time I used it I sprayed it in my hands and it was a DREAM... I mean my curls where like YES and THANK this was just amazing at how defined my curls were... not a hard or heavy hold... just perfect for my lil pencil curls... Loved this Gel
Natural Hold Spray Gel 8 oz.
Love This Spray Gel
This spray gel, for me, is a long awaited product. I have tried every gel on the market. Except for Jane Carter's Spray Gel, they all dry out my hair, leave flakes, and dry out my scalp. This product do not dry out my hair, does not flake and even give a shine to the hair. I love the fact that I can control the amount better than a squeeze tube. The price is right on target. I love the scent. Even my husband has commented on the fragrance. Thanks Jane for this hair saver.