Natural Hold Locking Spray (8 oz)

Natural Hold Locking Spray (8 oz)

finishing and rehydrating spray for natural hair,
twists & locks

Natural Hold Locking Spray (8 oz)
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Containing no alcohol, Natural Hold Locking Spray gives your freshly twisted locks extra hold without stiffness or dryness.

This water based spray is perfect for finishing or rehydrating natural hair, twists and locks.

When combined with Twist and Lock, this product truly delivers great hold for lock styling by hydrating your locks and smoothing the cuticle to give you a gorgeous 'finished' look.

Product Usage:

1. Spray Natural Hold Locking Spray on freshly twisted locked hair.

2. Use weekly to re-twist and control flyaway hair.

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Tips & Techniques:

Natural Locking Spray is excellent if you need extra hold for lock maintenance.


Natural Hold Locking Spray (8 oz)
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Natural Hold Locking Spray (8 oz)
LOVED IT01/06/2014
By brinna smith
I used this product alongside the Twist and Lock when it was time to retwist my locs. I retwisted when i recieved it Thursday Jan 2 and it is now Jan 6 and i still have great hold. Will keep this as a stable for my retwists, and look forward to trying the shampoo and leave-in conditioner.
Natural Hold Locking Spray (8 oz)
leave in conditioner12/11/2013
By Constance Imes
The leave in conditioner is the only product that I have used from this order. I only used it once & I like it. Its moisturizes & hydrates my hair. Makes my hair feel softer. I would recommend it to my clients at the salon.
Natural Hold Locking Spray (8 oz)
Hair Spray04/16/2015
By Janet
So far this is the best Natural Hair Spray I found that is available to the general public, and at a reasonable price. It is not a sticky & heavy spray.
(I had been using Organic Hair Color System's Hair Spray.)