Hair Nourishing Serum (1 oz)

Hair Nourishing Serum (1 oz)

eliminates breakage and frizz

Hair Nourishing Serum (1 oz)
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Hair Nourishing Serum is the product that launched Jane Carter Solution! This product is designed to stop hair breakage!

Perfect for all hair types and textures, this all natural hair food contains thirteen essential oils, vitamins and botanicals. The light serum delivers vitamins and nutrients into the hair's cortex.

The botanicals help smooth the cuticle and allow the hair to naturally adjust to its own moisture level, which keeps the frizz down on humid days and seals in the moisture on dry days. This helps to eliminate breakage.
A few drops will go a long way and it will never leave hair oily or greasy or weigh down fine, limp hair.
This product works wonders when combined with a pea-sized amount of Nourish and Shine.

Product Usage:

1. Hair Nourishing Serum contains 100% pure essential oils and vitamins.

2. Its’ fine molecular structure allows it to penetrate your hair resulting in remarkable shine and softness.

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Tips & Techniques:

Combine Hair Nourishing Serum with a pea-sized amount of Nourish & Shine and it will work wonders on your hair.


Hair Nourishing Serum (1 oz)
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Hair Nourishing Serum (1 oz)
Amazing Hair Serum11/01/2015
By Kianna Grant
I recently purchased this product because I was in search of a light oil/serum for my fine 4c hair. After reading the product description, I was attracted to this product for the following reasons...."it will never leave hair oily or greasy or weigh down fine, limp hair" and "this product is designed to stop hair breakage!" I have only been using for a week and I have noticed a drastic change in how my hair feels. My hair shedding has also decreased. When I apply this product my hair is shiny and the next morning it is still soft and moisturized. The serum smells so good too and it's a calming smell (can't explain). Helps me to relax (hair relaxation if that makes sense). However, I've used in combination with both the hair nourishing cream and the natural twist out foam. Both combinations have worked super well. Jane Carter...YOU WIN! I am very happy with your styling products and now I am ready to start investing in the shampoo and conditioners for my wash regimen.
Hair Nourishing Serum (1 oz)
Works Wonders and Shine to Boot08/27/2013
By Mathis Harrington
this product is VERY lightweight and it gave my hair incredible shine. It absorbs very well. My hair drank this stuff up. It has NO DIMETHICONE or silicone (which, according to some, are bad for hair and defeating the purpose of healthy hair if used regularly) like many serums for shine and moisture. In the month or two that I used this serum the condition of my normally frizzy, baby-fine, damaged, and dry hair improved. The improvement was not temporary or superficial (as is the result with most hair care products). By doing what it claims (and what I believe it did) and penetrating the hair cortex, it moisturized my hair without weighing it down, banished fly-aways, and prevented split ends and breakage. Now that I have been using thicker oils instead, I realize what a good product this serum is. It makes all the difference in the moisture of the hair- minus the overgreased factor. Just apply it to the ends if you are concerned about getting too greased up.
Hair Nourishing Serum (1 oz)
Excellent Products!02/10/2014
By Marilyn Haywood
Please note: I never fill-out or write about anything, but I really love Jane Carter products. The second time I purchased the Nourish & Shine product--I knew I had to write a review. The all natural Nourish & Shine product was introduced to me at Leoma D. Johns Hair Designs while visiting Chicago. The owner used and recommended the product because my hair was very dry and damaged from perming, coloring, and everyday hot curling. I purchased a jar from the owner of the salon and started using it on my hair everyday. I absolutely loved it. It made my hair feel soft, shiny and manageable. My hair looked like it had life again. I no longer had to curl my hair everyday. A dab of Nourish & Shine and my hair looked great. I loved the product so much I got on the website to purchase another jar. I was also curious about other products. I purchased the Hy-drate Quench, and Hair Nourishing Serum. They are great, too! Love it all! Thank you, Jane Carter Marilyn