Curl Defining Cream

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Award Winning Product

2011 essence award

Curl Defining Cream

moisturizes and captures natural curl pattern

Curl Defining Cream
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Description: Editor Choice

Our award-winning Curl Defining Cream is the very BEST on the market. Available in either 6oz or 16oz (16 oz includes pump).

Composed of shea butter, avocado and jojoba oil, this versatile cream elongates tight curls and defines looser curls without leaving any residue.
It adds incredible shine, dries soft to the touch and is perfect for wash-and-wear curls.

Product Usage:

1. Apply Curl Defining Cream to super wet hair.

2. Use as a curl definer or textured paste.

3. Men love this product because it dries clean, so its wonderful for slicked back styles or accentuated curls.

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Tips & Techniques:

1. Curl Defining Cream dries clean.

2. Leaves hair with wonderful curl definition.

3. Elongates curl.

4. Leaves your hair shiny and bouncy without any crunch.


Curl Defining Cream
Average rating:
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Featured positive reviews:

Curl Defining Cream
You smell and feel like Jane Carter!!!
After a friend referred us to get the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream because it works, we purchase the Leave-in Conditioner and the Curl Defining Cream. After applying this product to the baby's hair for the first time we simply just use the phrase "you smell and feel like Jane Carter!!! (referring to the product). Our main issue was detangling the hair and keeping it soft and moist. Well, unlike many low cost products that advertise that they do just that, the result after using those products were nothing compare to the phenomenon result of the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream. As for JC Leave-in Conditioner (spray), to us there was nothing amazing about it once it was use just alone. however, it worked wonderful after and/or before applying the Curl Defining Cream. Hence, the baby's natural hair is curly, we wanted something that would help keep its natural state through-out the day and even after sleeping on it w/o frizz; JC Curl Defining Cream did just that. We are hooked.
Curl Defining Cream
Great Product
I tried this on my daughter's hair mixed with Incredible Curls and liked it a lot. She had lots of shine and softness. Her curls were elongated and lovely. I then mixed in some Condition and Sculpt and I LOVED it! Those three in a cocktail are unstoppable! Her hair is thick, so I tend to use quite a bit and they are the only hair products on her hair, so I love that JCS is reasonably priced for an outstanding line of hair care products. I purchase twice per month which is great for our family's budget. We are all naturals and don't spend much at the salons with the exception of trims, so the price of the products is just right. I personally would pay more. Don't laugh. I've tried the cheaper so called "natural" products for natural hair, but they all caused my daughter break outs on her forehead, cheeks, and temple, even though she wears a night scarf. A "natural" product that clogs your pores is far from natural. I've used JCS for 8 years. JCS takes care of us and the Planet.
Curl Defining Cream
I LOVE YOU JANE CARTER and thank you for the stock up sale! Your products keep my natural hair moisturized and healthy. CURL DERFINING CREAM WITH A LIGHT SPRAY OF LEAVE IN MOISTURIZER is my staple because I workout alot. NOURISH AND SHINE does just what it says applied to fingertips when I take down my twists, need to refresh my ends or pull my hair up. I have tried other products when I was transitioning and when I can't find your products locally (which happens at least twice yearly) and have to order online. NOT A GOOD IDEA because my hair completley changes and I have to nurse it back to health with THE JANE CARTER SOLUTION! I really like my hair and your products bring out the natural not mask the natural with a product. I so appreciate products without the strong perfume too!